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Product Development + Optimization

In a world of innumerable options, a new era of product optimization is upon us.

No longer afraid to try new products – or even create their own – consumers hold the power. That’s why it’s essential to have a partner with a rich history of product innovation and brand extension, and expertise in consumer choice analytics. Our product optimization experts can help you find the right path for your product whether it’s content, talent, an experience, or a physical product offering.

Product development and optimization require active awareness of human behavior and motivations.

Having a good idea is not enough. Developing or optimizing your product requires more courageous and expansive thinking than in years past. It requires you to listen between the words consumers use, and the needs they state. 

It’s easy to simply create the thing that consumers say they want, but the trick is to recognize what it is they truly need – what point of friction they loathe the most­, what point of value they elevate or would trade for another, what technological platform is most useful in your endeavor, what is simply noise, and what trends and next adjacent spaces will impact consumer expectations. You must use all of that to ground your product development while considering market-appropriate break-even points and realistic investment expectations.

product development optimization

Change is the constant.

We rely on a mix of qualitative research like ethnographies, shop-alongs and co-creation sessions as well as quantitative research like MaxDiff and conjoint modeling to help our clients bring products, services, brand extension and enhancements to market.

Our work spans many types of engagements and ranges of scope, though many of our clients are looking for help with challenges or questions like these:

  • A DTC competitor is taking a bite out of my core business. How should we pivot?
  • How can I deliver more innovative advertising products that attract and retain clients?
  • I have some amazing IP. Can it cross over into another space or be extended?
  • My most profitable product is slipping in sales. What’s causing the decline?
  • We need to reorient our offering with the marketplace.
  • How do we reinvent our newscast, newspaper or radio offering?
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Core Offerings

Packaging: Our expert team blends a tried-and-true process alongside a tailored understanding of your unique issues for a fully customized solution that includes understanding existing packaging equities, exploring new territories, assessing package design nuances, and validating a path forward. » Learn more
Innovation is the key to staying ahead of the competition and constantly delivering value. Breakthrough innovation only comes from great ideas that address a meaningful human need. We help clients generate, develop and optimize new products and concepts that will make an impact in the marketplace through a variety of tools and approaches.

What challenges are you facing today?

We’re ready to deliver product optimization and development insights and move your organization forward.