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When kids snack brands meet the ultimate CPG disrupter: Millennial moms

When kids snack brands meet the ultimate CPG disrupter: Millennial moms



CPG industry growth is elusive as consumption patterns continue to evolve, and newly-emerging brands are aggressively encroaching into client territory – exposing vulnerabilities of the business.

New Millennial moms have different attitudes and views regarding food choices than their predecessors, directly impacting snacking category purchase decisions for their kids. There’s an increasing distrust of big food companies, along with a new set of desired criteria around non-processed, “real” food and simple ingredients.

Insights as to how to overcome these barriers are required in order to curtail resistance to purchase.



Uncover where philosophies are shaped from childhood and how they evolve through life stages while documenting triggers for shifts in philosophy and decisions

Leveraging a human-centered design process for a leading kids snack brand, Magid was able to use projective and System 1 behavioral exercises to uncover the needs, wants and motivations that influence a mom’s way of thinking and what elements are folded into her overarching philosophy in making purchase decisions for her kids.

This approach allows us to keep clients ahead of global food trends and changing attitudes, fusing that with a much deeper understanding of the daily food choices moms make and where her underlying beliefs come from, enabling our client to leverage this intel to surmount barriers and stay competitive.



» Macro trends assessment
» Consumer attitudes assessment
» Look-back philosophy assessment
» Drivers of changes in usage patterns

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