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Elevate your Sales and Marketing with Magid AD.VANTAGE™, where unparalleled consumer insights meet AI-powered activation tools, crafting a strategic advantage that propels your business toward extraordinary growth and differentiation

Propel your business forward with AD.VANTAGE

Discover the power of AD.VANTAGE, a comprehensive platform blending AI sophistication with deep market insights to revolutionize your marketing strategies and sales outcomes. From generating on-target marketing content and sales materials to offering real-time consumer behavior analytics and trend forecasts, AD.VANTAGE arms you with everything needed to outmaneuver competition. Tailor your approach with AI-driven content creation, access exclusive market research, and engage with interactive tools that turn insights into action.

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Navigate your market with confidence, powered by AD.VANTAGE

Transform newsroom dynamics with Collaborator AI—where AI complements journalism by automating content customization and optimization, giving your team the freedom to pursue deeper journalistic endeavors.

Unleash Journalism with Collaborator AI

Collaborator AI empowers newsrooms by automating the conversion of journalists’ scripts into diversified content tailored for distinct platforms, while upholding your brand’s unique voice with precision. By analyzing scripts and generating content quality scores based on criteria like fairness, balance, and overall quality, Collaborator AI ensures journalistic integrity. Its seamless integration into current newsroom tools promises enhanced productivity and content consistency, making it an indispensable asset for forward-thinking journalism.

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Transform your newsroom’s efficiency and storytelling with Collaborator AI

Unlock unparalleled audience engagement with EmotionalDNA®, the groundbreaking tool that catalyzes emotional connections between brands, content, and viewers, driving loyalty and maximizing revenue.

Elevate Connections with EmotionalDNA®

EmotionalDNA® analyzes emotional responses, providing rich, actionable insights that enrich content and marketing strategies with unparalleled emotional intelligence. Through comprehensive emotional signatures, robust content power scores, and detailed integrative audience analysis, eDNA equips brands with the tools needed to craft deeply resonant, emotionally aligned experiences.

This strategic alignment significantly enhances viewer retention, amplifies ad effectiveness, and maximizes overall marketing ROI, positioning brands for lasting success.

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Lead the future of audience engagement with insights from EmotionalDNA®

Built for today's streaming market challenges, SubScape elevates your ability to predict trends, reduce churn, and foster subscriber growth.

The industry standard segmentation and audience toolkit for streaming video decision-makers

SubScape empowers streaming services with advanced segmentation and AI-driven predictive models to strategically grow subscriber acquisition and retention. It offers competitive analyses across dozens of consumer and business KPIs, and guides decision-managers to high ROI investments. With SubScape’s comprehensive dashboard and expert consulting, gain a clear vision of the future of the market, and a clearer path to future success.

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Step into the future of streaming success with SubScape at your side.

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