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The world’s largest retailers turn to Magid for expertise in and understanding of how consumers’ changing needs and attitudes impact business strategy. Our experts are focused on supporting the profit and revenue goals of retailers, resellers, and distributors by applying customer insights to real world business opportunities.

Welcome to the new era of brick-and-mortar and digital e-commerce and direct-to-consumer and subscriptions and – everything else

Those of us working in retail know that the space is anything but dead. The changing dynamics require some of our most creative and courageous thinking to date, and demand that we listen more closely to the demonstrated – yet often unsaid – desires of consumers.

The new recipe for success calls for new models, new positioning, and new thinking on where your brand and offering begin and end.

It’s imperative to address new behavior patterns. With retail at consumers’ fingertips and easily delivered to their doorsteps, you have to reconsider where your most valuable storefront is located and how it’s activated. With a good portion of 8-to-12-year-olds using voice assistants every day, you’ve got to be thinking about voice-activated search. Then there is the rise of leisure-centric retail, all-inclusive branded experiences, cross-over concepts like the Capital One Café and every permutation in between.

Many are embracing direct-to-consumer e-commerce approaches and subscription models, pushing further into digital and away from brick-and-mortar. While still others are focused on expanding in-store experiences and offerings, or extending into VR, AR and gamification. While all are viable paths forward, just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Aligning to customer expectations and ensuring you have a unique brand position that is amplified by your choices regarding monetization, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, and experiences is paramount.

Many companies are chasing trends and buzz words – becoming fast followers and racing toward an omni-channel approach – but what about you is unique, valuable and sustainable? Is there friction in your corner of the world that you could eliminate?

retailChange is the constant.

We help you dig into new models of activation – from digital solutions to brick-and-mortar changes, to partnerships and acquisition models as well as advanced and expansive experiential enhancements that are required to keep up with today’s demanding consumer expectations.

There is no single solution in the current retail climate – we are here to help you navigate the future of your business, working with consumer-centered, co-created and research-validated insights and analysis to shape your strategies. Consumers will ultimately decide your fate – and must be the cornerstone of everything you do.

Our work spans many types of engagements and ranges of scope, though many of our clients are looking to answer questions like these:

  • How do I become an experience-driven business and insulate my offering from e-commerce or DTC competitors?
  • Would a DTC model work for my business?
  • I am losing foot traffic in my retail locations; how do I continue to grow?
  • If my consumers start to use voice as a discovery tool how can I best engage with them?
  • My brand has lost its luster with consumers and my old brand trackers do not seem to give me actionable information. Is there a better way?
  • What is happening in my digital customer journey that is causing shopping cart abandonment issues?
  • Where can I expand to meet my customers more upstream?
  • How do I rethink my retail space, pricing, positioning, customer experience in order to keep people engaged longer and purchasing more frequently?

What challenges are you facing today?

We’re ready to deliver insights and move your organization forward.