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Travel, Hospitality & Leisure

Magid’s deep bench of expertise in travel, hospitality & leisure spans more than 100 brands in the industry and includes qualitative and quantitative capabilities along with business consultation and training. Our focus on human-centered design is a particularly strong fit for the industry and is infused into our courageous thinking on brands, media, technology, customer experience, employee engagement, and emotional intelligence.

From resorts and restaurants to airlines and amusement parks

» How do you differentiate yourself from competitors as consumers are inundated with a multitude of lodging options, from Airbnb and VRBO to trendy boutique hotels and legacy hotel chains? How do you stand out in an industry disrupted with airfare hacks, voice assistants, subscription services and Instagram influencers? How do you find meaningful points of value and continue to eliminate true points of friction for your customers? What macro trends and technological advancements are essential for you to pay attention to – and what is just noise?

» There are entire ecosystems at play that need to be considered when working in the Travel, Hospitality and Leisure space. Sometimes the most overlooked areas can have the greatest impact on customer experience and brand-building efforts, as we found for one airline client. Other times you need to rethink foot traffic patterns, environmental elements, or the way in which you position your amenities. Or perhaps you need to focus on employee engagement, ensuring that your people are helping to create an emotional connection between your brand and your customers.

Many in the space have pushed headlong into technological advancements like app-based check-ins and seat selection, online or app-based ordering, AI recommendation engines, and text-bot concierge services. These services have the best intentions for reducing friction – yet may be eliminating unique human touchpoints that can differentiate in an increasingly automated world.

» Creating unique cross-over experiences like the Taco Bell Hotel or partnering to lean into a leisure-centric retail model may make sense for you to consider. There is also the rise of targeted tourism in everything from culinary to wellness to esports – another potential path to success with your segments. Then again you may also just need to overhaul your client care model or rewards program to truly stand out.

Often in the local leisure space, you’re competing against consumers simply staying home. Whether they’re finding ways to watch sports or movies in their most comfortable environment while ordering in food and bypassing restaurants – or downloading the latest workout app and skipping the gym.

The multitude of options available to consumers today and the expectations that push disrupters into this space require some of the most courageous thinking and often overlooked solutions. At the end of the day, reducing friction, driving value and creating positive experiences in ways that matter most to your customers should drive your business strategies and decisions. When you balance all three you are able to maximize every touchpoint, be it human or digital.

Travel Hospitality LeisureChange is the constant.

We help clients in this space dive into what is truly limiting growth and, in every instance, find elements that include areas where businesses are not as human-centered as they need to be. We define specific paths forward that are grounded in, and validated by, primary research, including consumer co-creation sessions and advanced analytics so you know the path that is right for your customers, your employees, your partners, your brand.

Our work spans many types of engagements and ranges of scope, though many of our clients are looking to answer questions like these:

  • We have more competitors than ever before, and we are changing faster than ever before; how are we not gaining market share?
  • What macro trends will impact my space in the near future and how do I appropriately lean into them now?
  • What should my loyalty program look like?
  • What can I borrow from subscription models and new entrants to reinvent my core business and customer offering?
  • We want to expand our experiential offering; what do we need more of, less of, and how do we increase our visits per guest?
  • How do we get more heads in beds that are loyal and passionate about us?
  • My employees are a personification of my brand. How do I keep them engaged?

What challenges are you facing today?

We’re ready to deliver insights and move your organization forward.