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When a leisure brand needs to effectively communicate value and pricing to prospects

When a leisure brand needs to effectively communicate value and pricing to prospects



The client – a top-performing, publicly traded company in the leisure industry – is franchise-based and largely considered among the most successful in its sector. Value is integral to their success, but pricing models and communication needed to be validated, and improvement areas identified. Communicating the fact-based insights and recommendations in a compelling and efficient manner was essential to system-wide adoption.



Understanding the past and being open to the power of consumer insights enlightens the path to improvement

A successful brand should avoid the tendency to avoid fixing what is not broken. However, revisiting what contributed to past success is imperative given how consumer preferences have evolved – especially in the areas of authenticity and transparency.

Magid applied human-centered design to validate current approaches and new techniques specific to communication of value and pricing at the point of sale. A qualitative approach among brand considerers and potential competitive switchers was used to assess improvement areas specific to consumer understanding, communication impact and brand reputation.

This brand is not taking anything for granted as they focus on reducing friction, adding value and reshaping their business offering to meet the ever-evolving, often unarticulated, needs of consumers.

The results were more consumer compelling pricing, yet operationally less intensive. System-wide enhancements were made to content, communication flow and marketing materials and adjustments were made to training for store-level personnel.



» Consumer focus groups
» In-depth 1:1 interviews
» Pricing communication standards
» Systems and process analysis
» Training integration

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