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Qualitative Research

Magid brings a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs to apply the appropriate methodology, tonal approach, techniques, and analysis to get the necessary depth and breadth of insights to help clients understand their consumers and make informed, strategic decisions.

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Our Toolkit

Focus Groups: Using an array of activities, discussion techniques, a mix of stimuli and more than 150+ years of collective experience, we use moderator-led focus groups to understand behaviors, attitudes, and unearth subconscious feelings and perceptions across diverse cohorts and industries – from kids and moms to seniors, across every industry we serve.
In-Depth Interviews (IDIs): IDIs give clients a deeper dive through an interview with a single individual, prompted to speak in-depth about a topic, which can help clients with usability testing (websites, games, mobile, apps in all stages of development), strategic planning, needs assessments, concept exploration, new product testing and more.
Dyads, Triads, Friendship pairs, Hybrid IDI + mini groups: As the names imply, dyads and triads are in-depth interviews with two or three people, often with an established connection between participants (friends, members of the same family, household, or business team). These options are all particularly effective for topics that may be personal or sensitive and would benefit from a more intimate setting, or for use cases of things people do in smaller groups (e.g., finances, health, gaming, etc.).
Ethnographies: Rooted in the discipline of anthropology, ethnography uses direct observation and a loose structure of open-ended conversation for holistic perspective. The goal is to observe experiences first-hand, as they happen, and ethnographic insights can help clients identify opportunities for innovation or find the underlying motivations behind specific behaviors.
Shop-alongs, Dine-alongs, Fly-alongs: Shop-alongs, dine-alongs, and fly-alongs are intended to collect real-time feedback from consumers at the point-of-purchase or in the experience. Our analysts observe all interactions, decision-making, and emotions at each step of the journey to understand pain points, opportunities, and successes. We conduct these while shopping, while dining, while traveling/flying and have also rode-along in cars, waited in line for attractions and experiences, and can pretty much be “along” for any experience offered.
Online communities, groups, 1:1 interviews: Online-based methods translate traditional methods like focus groups and one-on-one interviews into an online context. In addition, online communities offer a way to engage deeply with a wide range of consumers in an online platform over several days or longer through a variety of activities and assignments. Online communities are highly effective at helping to uncover emerging trends, create a space for ideation and co-creation, or even develop campaigns. Well before COVID-19, Magid was a leader in developing effective online methodologies.
Co-creation, ideation, brainstorming: Magid designs and leads sessions with consumers and business stakeholders alike to generate the most human and practical ideas around new products, services, communications and more.
Design-thinking workshops: Internal business strategy facilitations that drive rapid innovation and cross-functional buy-in, allowing for faster and more precise implementation of research findings and a swifter impact on your business.

Our qualitative approach has always been about understanding individual perspectives, hearing people’s stories, and understanding how their reality shapes their behaviors and perceptions of products. In this clip from a recent webinar on conducting effective research in the unprecedented coronavirus era, Sarah Holmes, SVP of Qualitative Research, highlights what Magid has always stood for – and how we are still delivering the rich qualitative context that our clients expect from us.

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