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When a major movie studio needs to activate improved marketing and merchandising

When a major movie studio needs to activate improved marketing and merchandising



Physical media purchases are evolving along with the overall entertainment landscape – add changes in retail and there is a perfect storm.

This client, a major movie studio, needed a deeper understanding of the in-store drivers and purchase triggers to guide marketing and merchandising – all with the goal of increasing home entertainment sales.



Simulated shopping experience uncovers hidden influences

Through a multi-phased research experience, we were able to observe and dive deeply into how consumers shop, where their attention is drawn, and reveal the mental framework shoppers apply to their in-store experiences while probing on perceptions and co-creating ideal shopping scenarios.

Our Magid human-centered design process allows us space to experience, explore and eventually create go-forward plans like detailed guidelines for modifying packaging, bundling, displays, and pricing. It even extends into business operations modifications like the creation of collaborative meetings with retail partners to share insights and institute consumer-informed change across the ecosystem.



» Shopping drivers tactical to-do list
» The why report – motivations behind the observed behaviors
» Retail assessment
» Opportunities future forecast
» Voice of consumer video manifesto

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