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Understanding what compels action is the key to driving it.

Emotional data is the next generation of metrics. Our experts have turned emotional measurement into a repeatable framework, creating a data set that can be leveraged to help you emotionally connect with precision.

Emotions are fundamental to human decision-making.


Magid’s EmotionalDNA® (eDNA) framework quantitatively maps detailed emotional structures underlying TV shows, networks, automakers, automobiles, and casual dining restaurants distilling the knowledge you need to align your business decisions to the emotional state of the consumer.

After building our data set and client base for over 5 years, we have expanded the use of the eDNA framework to include advertising & promo testing and predictive placement. This new tool scores your creative based on industry accepted ad receptivity measures and measures the EmotionalSignature™ of your creative. It then compares your creative to our database of over 2800 shows surfacing the optimal placement based on your campaign goals and delivering detailed projections on all ad receptivity measures—including Purchase Intent—with every placement combination you explore.

Magid’s EmotionalDNA® has applications across brands, content, programming, media planning, ad sales, experiences, dining, auto and more; imagine the ROI you can drive by harnessing the power of emotions in your business decisions.
For pricing and package information, to get a copy of our whitepaper—presented at ARF’s CONSUMERxSCIENCE 2018—or to book a demo, contact us via the form below.

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eDNA Products

Content Value: Understand how consumers value shows and networks, to determine how important a show is to a network's brand and therefore its value for negotiations for carriage, distribution, licensing and advertising inventory.

Determine a network's value to a tier or bundle, how substitutable it is.
Ad & Promo Testing + Ad & Promo Placement: Test and compare your creative to our database of over 2800 shows surfacing the optimal placement based on your campaign goals. Project ad receptivity measures impacts—including Purchase Intent—with every placement combination you explore.
Content » Programming, Scheduling, Marketing, Sales: Maximize your current inventory value. Identify gaps in your line up. Know what differentiates your content. Choose the highest impact messaging for promos. Schedule your show for optimal audience capture and engagement. Identify key targets and appropriate pricing for your assets.
Pilot Testing: Map and compare the EmotionalSignature™ of your pilot with the entire landscape for a detailed understanding of how to position, schedule and market your show. Create an emotional baseline that you can compare episodes against allowing you to make nuanced changes to maintain your points of difference or to proactively shift with the changing landscape.
YOUR BRAND VERTICAL: We are actively seeking partners for our next brand verticals.

©Magid 2019. Certain methodologies and research data underlying the EmotionalDNA® program are proprietary to Magid.

eDNA in the wild » client use cases

Our client used a third party to perform attribution modeling to tie the emotional factors measured by eDNA to Television Advertising. Results indicated up to 2.0X ROI can be achieved by engaging emotionally—read about it here.

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