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We’ve mapped the emotional landscape of video entertainment from the viewer’s perspective–at scale.

This groundbreaking work is used by leaders across the media and entertainment ecosystem to inform and improve the efficacy of program development, diagnostics, scheduling, branding, marketing, advertising sales and more.

Bringing the power of emotional alignment to video entertainment.


Emotional proximity is key when building out content portfolios, acquisition, development, licensing, and IP expansion. Not to mention the promotion and marketing of your content and testing creative and aligning to content.

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eDNA offerings

eDNA TV: Mapping the emotional landscape of show content across all networks and platforms allows you to optimize programming, scheduling, acquisition, ad sales and marketing to fulfill the desires of consumers. eDNA TV is also fully integrated with eDNA Movies allowing a comprehensive assessment of all current and potential IP opportunities.
eDNA Movies:
With eDNA Movies, your organization has the ability to effectively compare the emotional perceptions of today’s consumers across movies, emotional genres, television programming, networks & platforms.
eDNA Pilots: Map and compare the emotional profile of your pilot in context with the broader landscape to quickly greenlight or refine/reject and understand how to position, schedule and market and monetize the show.
eDNA Content Value: Understand the value consumers place on your content and the relative importance each piece of content has to attracting and retaining subscribers. Leverage this information for carriage, distribution and licensing negotiations.
eDNA API (data integrations): Integrate emotional data from eDNA TV, Movies, Promos and Ads directly into your data analytics systems and initiatives. Examples include rec engines, ad buying and placement systems and addressable TV.

©Magid 2021. Certain methodologies and research data underlying the EmotionalDNA® program are proprietary to Magid.

eDNA in the wild » client use cases

Our client used a third party to perform attribution modeling to tie the emotional factors measured by eDNA to Television Advertising. Results indicated up to 2.0X ROI can be achieved by engaging emotionally—read about it here.

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