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Emotions are the heart of entertainment –

and understanding what compels action is the key to driving consumer behavior.

Video entertainment is all about emotions, which makes emotional data such a critical – and often missing – component necessary for making data-driven decisions in entertainment.

Magid's EmotionalDNA®

Mapping the entire emotional landscape of video entertainment – including titles, networks, platforms, and brands – from the viewer’s perspective

The solution to major entertainment business challenges.

Drive audience acquisition & minimize churn

» Prioritize (develop, greenlight, and acquire) content with maximum impact on audience acquisition and retention

» Ensure brand alignment between platform/network and portfolio

» Increase audience flow with emotionally informed scheduling

Maximize marketing ROI

» Identify marketing targets based on emotional and audience fit

» Enhance marketing effectiveness through emotionally compelling creative and messaging

» Optimize placement of promotional content

Augment the value of your brand

» Attract a more valuable audience

» Boost opportunities for awards

» Identify opportunities for differentiation through competitor and landscape analysis

Increase revenue from ad sales

» Create a compelling, emotion-based ad sales strategy

» Build ad sales stories to highlight optimal network fit for brands

» Refine ad sales product with industry best practices

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The predictive power of eDNA™

IP expansion: Leverage eDNA data and advanced analytics to forecast IP expansion opportunities, thereby maximizing asset monetization and fandom
Recommendation engines: Supercharge your recommendation algorithm with emotional metadata to generate nuanced recommendations that delight audiences
Profit maximizer: Fuse emotional metadata with your historical behavioral and revenue datasets to predict Box Office results, financial performance, reviews, and more

How it works

Through continuous, bi-weekly collection of thousands of respondent data points, we measure every show, movie, network, platform, brand, and ad in three distinct ways:

Emotional Signatures

A unique measure of performance based on emotional attributes and dimensions relative to landscape


Evaluation Scores

A quality metric on a scale of 1-5 providing scores and ranking relative to the landscape


Intentionality Index

A proprietary measure of viewer engagement based on 14 interactions


eDNA Metrics

EmotionalDNA also allows shows, movies, networks and ads to be compared as illustrated above, ultimately providing a valuable proximity score that helps understand similarity or congruence.


Emotional Genres »

The powerful taxonomy of Emotional Signatures

EmotionalDNA’s rich and robust dataset allows us to create Emotional Genres, subcategorizing traditional genres through shared emotional tones from the perspective of the viewer.

Our clients use Emotional Genres to get a unique perspective on the content landscape and their portfolio, tracking trends in consumer demand while optimizing content curation and recommendations.

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