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When an emotionally congruent schedule helps improve television ratings

When an emotionally congruent schedule helps improve television ratings



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Low viewership and television ratings are dreaded by all media creators and distributors; and with new media content being constantly released, networks can easily replace shows with higher performers. The pressure to improve audience engagement and viewership after a disappointing first season often leads to an insurmountable situation resulting in cancellation.

Our client needed to diagnose the issue with the first season in order to get a second season sold to its broadcast network client. As early adopters of our proprietary tool EmotionalDNA® (eDNA), they were confident eDNA could help them turn the ship around and hired us to more deeply consult with them on this important sales effort.



For the show’s first season, the network placed our client’s show after a highly rated program, hoping the viewers would carry over.

Using eDNA, we were able to take stock of all programming on the network was running at an emotional level – from the viewers’ perspective. Our eDNA findings illustrated the original lead-in show was emotionally discordant from the new program – with a 40% emotional match, losing viewers that might otherwise prefer emotional congruence. Magid recommended optimizing the show’s schedule to find a lead-in with a higher emotional match with specific recommendations on programs with higher emotional congruence.



» EmotionalDNA mapping
» Program and sales consulting



By mapping the emotional landscape of the network’s content, we were able to optimize the scheduling of our client’s program by placing it in a different slot behind a lead-in with a higher emotional match of 78%. In its new timeslot, our client’s show ultimately surpassed the ratings of its more emotionally similar lead-in.

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