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Subscriber Science™

Magid’s Subscriber Science practice defines, collects and calculates SVOD metrics aligned with ARPU, allowing you to be confident in investment decisions that drive success in the hotly contested SVOD market.

A powerful, predictive toolkit developed by data scientists in our Subscriber Science practice, SubScape helps you understand, predict and manage churn and retention to increase revenues and drive business growth.

SubScape is designed to support three streaming business imperatives:

1) Subscriber Acquisition + Retention

SubScape helps you identify and target subscribers that can drive predictable growth, and understand the content that will engage and retain them.

Optimize acquisition and retention among subscribers with the highest overall long-term value (including both subscription and organic marketing value).

2) Competitive Strategy 

Understand where you can steal market share and how your service stacks up compared to others with competitive insights on each service in the SVOD landscape. 

See performance across a range of variables that are predictive of future success, along with Market Share, Net Promoter Scores, Intent to Unsubscribe, and important new KPIs like Share of Total Subscriptions and Total Subscribed Months.

3) Investment Guidance

SubScape uses AI-driven simulation to forecast the ROI of product and content initiatives to help guide the most effective and cost-efficient investment, so you can track results and iterate over time.

Win in today’s highly competitive streaming market with SubScape

With SubScape, you have access to a comprehensive source of insight to help inform marketing strategy and critical business decisions. It’s available dynamically through a dashboard and enables investment simulation with real-time predictions.


  • Reveals new competitive opportunities
  • Predicts KPI outcomes across the entire competitive marketplace
  • Enables investment simulation to maximize ROI
  • Guides marketing precision
  • Built for the desktops of decision-makers

Get forensic analysis of your service – and your competitors

The SubScape dashboard reveals performance of your service and your competitors on 26 features that are actionable and controllable. Compare results to market averages or head-to-head with specific competitors.

These inputs are also modeled to predict how improvements will affect future performance and ROI to guide investment that will make the biggest business impact, at the most efficient cost.

What’s included in a SubScape subscription?

A SubScape one-year engagement will give you access to these elements designed to help you drive your business forward:

Custom Report with market-level and service-level analysis that delivers data and our perspective on key factors driving the market. It includes a specific focus on your service as well as key competitors.

Activation Workshop to put the insights and conclusions into action.

SubScape Dashboard + Simulator to access the data (updated monthly) with onboarding and ongoing support.

3 Perspective Papers + Consulting Sessions based on the evolving data set.

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