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Research Services

We are your private strategy group – fueling the insights, know-how and expertise to drive your business forward. Whether you’re looking for support on an important one-time project or seeking a partner to become, replace or augment your internal insights department, Magid’s powerful team of researchers, data scientists, and business strategists deliver breakthrough insights for your business.

damn good researchQuality research fuels the best strategic partnerships.

You need a partner that goes beyond – not blindly reiterating what consumers say or simply sending you data to interpret yourself. You need perspective. For more than sixty years, our teams have given leading organizations in a variety of industries the understanding of the why behind consumer decisions and the translation of those findings into specific actions to take.

» Partnership arrangements
We offer many arrangements to meet the needs of our diverse client base – from embedding employees inside your organization to retainer-based relationships to serving as an insights board of directors. Having our people at your table, helping to craft your strategic direction means that you not only get the benefit of our collective experience in your industry and adjacent spaces, you also have an irreplaceable tool at your disposal: a full-service strategic offering with all research practitioners and business strategists under one roof.

» One Magid – why in-house matters (small things are big things)
More than ever, quant, qual and business strategy need the symbiotic relationship that comes from professionals working arm in arm, ensuring your business imperative is always in focus. This saves you, our client, time and gives you the confidence you need to drive your business forward. It means better insights, more actionable results and a focus on ROI that you will not get elsewhere.

It matters that everyone you work with is a member of the Magid team and not a collection of contractors. That’s because research and strategic direction cannot be divorced from each other.

Across our internal Qual and Quant groups we speak to more than one million consumers every year, building an unmatched core of knowledge and understanding that we bring to bear on each client engagement. If you do not have all of these people under one roof you cannot leverage nor create exponential learning which is why our research teams always have been and always will be Magid employees. The power of a hallway conversation and a crew of people that all have the same standards, purpose, vision and values is a differentiated key to our and our clients’ sustained business successes.

» Marrying methodologies and strategy with human-centered design / design thinking
We weave human-centered design (HCD) into everything we do. This emphasis on HCD delivers the dynamic insights, creative problem solving and strategic implications all businesses need while garnering buy-in from your internal constituents along the way. The Magid HCD framework and design-thinking practices facilitate rapid innovation along with faster and more precise implementation of findings for swifter impact on your business.

damn good research» Qualitative Research
Our teams are continuously in field with consumers of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, allowing us to accumulate a wealth of knowledge that we systematically synthesize to deliver bolder, more courageous and more impactful insights than our peers. We go beyond – we look inside and outside the space to identify what is happening and the motivations behind consumer behaviors and perspectives. We bring a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs to apply the appropriate methodology, tonal approach, techniques, and analysis to get the necessary depth and breadth of insights to help them understand their consumers and make informed, strategic decisions.

Our qualitative research team leverages a mix of focus groups, online communities, one-to-one interviews, co-creation workshops, dial sessions, usability testing, shop-alongs, ethnographies and the like. The team works closely with business strategists to ensure industry-specific insights are brought to the forefront of thinking along with a key focus on new trends and technologies that change consumer behaviors as quickly as they emerge.

In addition to a wide breadth of insights on consumers across expansive demographics, including generations, our teams are the go-to-experts when it comes to kids and families.

» Quantitative Research
When it comes to quantitative research, we are leaders in delivering the most effective questionnaires and ensuring the most accurate and valid sample data. Our researchers and data scientists excel at a wide variety of methods and core competencies, including concept testing, MaxDiff, conjoint, online survey platforms, market sizing, satisfaction and shopper studies, package and flavor testing, machine learning, data mining, and information retrieval.

Working alongside industry-experienced researchers and data scientists, our business strategists bring another layer of industry experience to help develop hypotheses to test, collaborating with your team and delivering rich, actionable insights. 

» Meeting consumers where they are – across the globe
Throughout our 60-plus-year history, our team has conducted qualitative and quantitative research around the globe for both U.S.-based clients with an international focus as well as for clients headquartered outside of the U.S.

What challenges are you facing today?

We’re ready to deliver product optimization and development insights and move your organization forward.