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Insights to grow your business.

Real insights from real consumers to drive engagement and growth for your business.

Magid AD.VANTAGE has been created with the uniqueness of your business in mind, whether that be a home service like plumbing or HVAC, a retail business selling furniture, a restaurant, grocery store, car dealer, law firm and more. For nearly 65 years we have been a family-owned and operated business helping companies grow by understanding their customers. We’ve used that experience, passion and curiosity to help companies like yours thrive when others falter.

Now more than ever, local businesses like yours are essential to healthy communities. We have taken our past experience in driving effective marketing, messaging and advertising strategies for local businesses and used it to create a product that will help you define a winning marketing and advertising strategy that gives you an advantage over your competitors.


With real insights from real consumers, you can take the guesswork out of your marketing and advertising to drive engagement and growth. Every two weeks, Magid updates the AD.VANTAGE platform with fresh insights gathered from consumers across the country – giving you timely access to what’s top of mind for consumers, while also providing trending data of insights over time.

And because it’s customized by region (Northeast, Midwest, South, and West) and specific to your industry, from healthcare to home services to home furniture, you can be confident you’re optimizing the right approach to reach your audience and grow your business.

Industries we cover:

  • Home services (plumbing, HVAC, renovation, etc.)
  • Major retail
  • Home furniture
  • Automotive
  • Grocery


  • Restaurants
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Education
  • Home care and senior living facilities


WHAT’S NEW: Critical trends impacting your business strategy

  • Importance of attributes for local businesses (price, product, service, delivery/pickup options, ownership, hours, online options, etc.)
  • Spending habits and how they’re trending in different categories.
  • Topical issues updated regularly: current specific focus on COVID-19 impacts on spending and using different businesses, COVID-19-specific ad ideals, tracking likelihood to return to “normal” activities.

WHERE CONSUMERS ARE: Media consumption patterns that help you understand where to reach your target customers

  • Usage trends for TV, radio, digital, social, etc.
  • Ad receptivity rates by platform to help you structure your media plans to fit today’s consumer

HOW CONSUMERS FEEL: Consumer ideals and preferences that help you craft compelling messaging that grows your business

  • Consumer importance of advertising messages specific to your business
  • General attitudes and feelings of consumers that help you focus the tone and focus of your messages

To make sure you can take advantage of these insights immediately, our consultants assess the results every time we refresh the data and record a short video detailing what actions you need to take across your marketing efforts to improve ad effectiveness. We showcase specific ads and discuss how they can be improved. Whether your campaigns are focused on email or direct mail, on TV, radio or Facebook ads, we have direction for you.

Simply log in, watch the video highlighting what’s new or take a deeper dive into the data, and be on your way.

Watch the insights video below (a sample of what you’ll get in the platform)


Also included in all of our AD.VANTAGE packages is a database of real-life ad examples with detailed instructions on how you can apply these insights to improve advertising performance, based on Magid’s years of experience testing thousands of ad units across print, digital and video.

Watch the ad example video below (a sample of what you’ll get in the platform)

With AD.VANTAGE, you can:

  • Define and refine your marketing and advertising efforts
  • Inform your in-person experience to gain word of mouth recommendations and positive reviews
  • Validate expansion plans if you are looking at moving into other regions
  • Have specific examples and direction to improve ad creative
  • Harness years of Magid experience examining thousands of ads, helping hundreds of brands, and gathering millions of consumer insights


Packages + Pricing

starting at $3,540 per year

$295 per month – (billed annually $3,540) one user

  • Access to the platform + consultant videos + all of the collected data and insights

$350 per month – (billed annually $4,200) up to three users

  • Access to the platform + consultant videos + all of the collected data and insights

$25,000 per year

  • Access to the platform for up to three users + consultant videos + all of the collected data and insights
  • Ad testing of up to three TV spots, and up to three one-hour sessions with one of our consultants to review your go-to-market plans and other advertising efforts and messages

Contact us for pricing

  • Access to the platform + consultant videos + all of the collected data and insights
  • Oversampling in your specific target areas
  • 1:1 consulting with your marketing team members
  • Creative development + testing
  • Marketing plan review and refinement
  • Competitive assessment

Are you ready to grow your business?

We’re ready to deliver the insights you need to help grow your local business.

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