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Know your clients, improve sales performance.

Magid AD.VANTAGE™ is a subscription platform that provides invaluable consumer insights and actionable counsel specific to local business verticals – bridging a gap in the market the no other source fills.


AD.VANTAGE is a no-brainer investment for businesses seeking to grow and thrive in today’s ever-changing market.

With an AD.VANTAGE subscription, you will:

Keep ahead of the curve. Bi-monthly research tracks consumer attitudes and spending intent on both your industry and the broader landscape.

Access at-the-ready industry insights and direction. Act faster with direction from our concise videos and documents.

Get inspired. Examples of successful ads in each vertical to give you new ideas.

Just show up. Our AD.VANTAGE Live! sessions each month tell you what you need to know.

Instantly generate sales and marketing content with AD.VANTAGE AI » Create instant content like email copy, social posts and commercial scripts based on the latest insights.

An asset for your sales teams

For local sales organizations, AD.VANTAGE gives you an additional layer of guidance to help you be the expert. You can use AD.VANTAGE content to demonstrate your commitment to your clients’ businesses.

Our experts also deliver instructive content so your teams know how to talk about the insights they share:

▪ Talk tracks for sales calls

▪ Coaching videos to help you get the most from the platform

Four clear points of value for local sellers delivered through AD.VANTAGE

Differentiate yourself in your market from the dozens of others calling on the same prospects.


Get meetings! AD.VANTAGE is laser-focused on giving you powerful reasons for prospects to take your calls multiple times per month.

Bring value to each pitch. Arm your salespeople with valuable information your clients don’t have about their customers and their business.

Add value and monetize. Give licenses to your top consumers to show how vested you are in their success or sell them as part of a package and create a new revenue stream.


Give yourself an AD.VANTAGE

Use AD.VANTAGE to sell, give AD.VANTAGE to retain and grow relationships.


Access to AD.VANTAGE is easy and robust.

▪ Your sales executives get access to all the content on the platform and can share individual reports (not direct access) with key prospects and clients as part of their process.

▪ You will also get access to the sales resource section, with talk tracks for sales calls aligned with key trends, and coaching videos to help you use the insights to demonstrate expertise and provide value to prospects.

▪ Your team will also be able to invite your prospects to monthly AD.VANTAGE Live! Sessions, providing direct value and reason to engage.

You can purchase additional licenses to give to customers as added value or resell them at scale in your market.

▪ When local businesses have access to AD.VANTAGE, you’ll have a built-in reason to connect at least once per month to talk about the changes in their business – and what it means for their marketing strategy.



AD.VANTAGE delivers valuable foresight and actionable counsel through an easy-to-use platform.

Key business verticals covered by AD.VANTAGE:

Home services
Real estate


Travel and hospitality


Subscription details

  • A one-year subscription to the Magid AD.VANTAGEplatform includes 26 briefings specific to your business vertical, a baseline report on your industry, access to the example library and interactive data portal, and any other special reports created by the AD.VANTAGE team.
  • A subscription includes a single username and password. Access to the library ad data portal for additional users can be added for a fee depending on the number.
  • Subscription for an annual membership will be billed fully upon registration.

All of this for your local business starting at less than $300/month.
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