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Introducing AD.VANTAGE

Market intelligence + AI-powered activation for Sales and Marketing

Magid AD.VANTAGE™ is a subscription platform that provides powerful consumer insights, counsel specific to your business, and AI tools that let you put it all directly to work – bridging a knowledge and resource gap in the market that no other source fills.

Gain a competitive edge with AD.VANTAGE

The consumer insights and AI-powered Marketing and Sales solution

In a world where market adaptability is paramount, the AD.VANTAGE platform serves as the cornerstone for both marketing innovation and sales success. This powerful tool equips your teams with the intelligence and tools required to outpace the competition. With AD.VANTAGE, your marketing will evolve with consumer trends and your sales approach will win trust and drive revenue. Transform your approach and unlock new opportunities with the unrivaled clarity and efficiency that only AD.VANTAGE offers.

Real-time marketing guidance to give you confidence and drive efficiency.



Propel your business with insightful sales strategies

Sales is an art that thrives on knowledge, timing, and an understanding of client needs. AD.VANTAGE is designed to equip sales professionals with a finely tuned array of analytical tools and insights that set the stage for impactful conversations and meaningful connections. Whether you’re looking to differentiate your pitch, add value to your client relationships, or create new revenue streams, AD.VANTAGE provides the competitive edge necessary to succeed in today’s market. There are four clear points of value for local sellers delivered through AD.VANTAGE.

  • Differentiate yourself in your market from the dozens of others calling on the same prospects. 
  • Get meetings! AD.VANTAGE is laser-focused on giving you powerful reasons for prospects to take your calls multiple times per month.

  • Bring value to each pitch. Arm your salespeople with valuable information your clients don’t have about their customers and their business.

  • Add value and monetize. Give licenses to your top advertisers to show how invested you are in their success or sell them as part of a package and create a new revenue stream.

Precision Marketing for maximum audience effectiveness

In the high-stakes world of marketing, having the right insights can make all the difference between a campaign that resonates and one that falls flat. AD.VANTAGE is your portal to the pulse of the consumer, providing a deep and dynamic understanding of market trends. With an array of resources right at your fingertips, AD.VANTAGE turns data into direction, enabling you to craft strategies that not only meet but exceed the expectations of an evolving audience. This powerful tool allows you to:

  • Generate content directly from insights: Quickly create marketing materials that are data-driven and aligned with consumer sentiments using AD.VANTAGE AI.
  • Stay ahead of trends: Utilize ongoing research reports to anticipate consumer behavior and prepare strategies that align with market changes.
  • Keep informed with Live insights: Benefit from monthly AD.VANTAGE Live! sessions that distill the most relevant information, keeping you informed and ready to act.
  • Draw inspiration from success stories: Access a library of successful advertising examples to inspire your next breakthrough campaign.


AD.VANTAGE is a simple, easy-to-use platform where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled market intelligence. Designed for today’s dynamic business environment, AD.VANTAGE provides an integrated suite of tools and insights that drive growth and success across marketing and sales disciplines.

AI-Driven Content and Sales Tools:

At the heart of AD.VANTAGE lies a powerful AI content creation engine that effortlessly generates precise marketing materials and sales collateral. Marketers benefit from on-demand content that aligns with current trends, while sales professionals receive tailored outreach templates, pitch enhancements, and client-specific insights – all designed to foster engagement and drive conversions.

Market Insight and Trend Analysis:

AD.VANTAGE offers real-time access to market research, consumer behavior analytics, and trend forecasts, equipping marketers with the knowledge to anticipate and influence industry shifts. With a focus on specific business verticals, the platform delivers in-depth reports and analytics that translate raw data into strategic opportunities, setting the stage for impactful campaigns and brand positioning.

Education and Empowerment:

Understanding the pulse of the market is one thing, but conveying that knowledge effectively is another. AD.VANTAGE supports professionals with educational resources, including interactive hubs that showcases data in a digestible way, coaching videos that refine sales techniques, and live sessions that offer the latest market developments. This continuous learning environment ensures that teams are always at the forefront of industry knowledge and best practices.

Experience the AD.VANTAGE edge, leading the charge in a variety of industry verticals. Whether you are crafting a marketing plan or developing sales tactics, our platform provides specialized insights into key sectors, including:

Home services
Real estate


Travel and hospitality

With rich, actionable intelligence across these diverse fields, AD.VANTAGE prepares you for success wherever you compete. Step into a partnership with AD.VANTAGE and watch as your business not only meets the current market demands but sets new benchmarks for innovation and achievement in your industry.

Your comprehensive AD.VANTAGE toolkit

AD.VANTAGE AI: Leverage this cutting-edge tool to generate customized content, from marketing copy to sales scripts, all informed by the latest market insights


Tailored Research & Data: Access detailed reports and analytics to understand consumer behavior and industry trends that affect both marketing strategies and sales approaches.

Interactive Hubs: Interactive dashboards provide real-time data analysis, allowing for immediate strategic adjustments and opportunity identification.

Monthly AD.VANTAGE Live! Sessions: Exclusive access to live sessions that deliver fresh insights, enabling both marketers and sellers to stay informed and one step ahead in their respective fields.

Inspiration Library: Browse through examples of successful campaigns across various verticals to spark creative ideas and understand what drives engagement and conversion.


Sales Enablement Content: Get hands-on with sales talk tracks, outreach emails, and market research updates specifically designed to create compelling sales narratives.

Client Engagement Tools: Share tailored insights and detailed reports with clients to demonstrate expertise and the value of your partnership

Training and Coaching: Access to coaching videos and educational materials that help sellers refine their pitch, enhance communications with prospects, and effectively utilize platform insights.

This centralized AD.VANTAGE system seamlessly integrates into your business operations, providing a robust foundation for informed decision-making, strategic marketing, and sales success. With AD.VANTAGE, your company gains not just data but the wisdom to leverage it, solidifying your place at the forefront of your industry.

Get started with AD.VANTAGE

Find the perfect AD.VANTAGE plan that aligns with your marketing goals and budget. Our flexible plans are designed to provide you with the insights and tools necessary to outpace the competition. AD.VANTAGE offers varying levels of access and customization to suit your business’s unique requirements. To get started, choose from the options below.

Discover what Ad.Vantage can do for you

Experience the power of AD.VANTAGE with our free demo. See firsthand how our platform can transform your approach by providing actionable insights and strategic analysis tailored to your industry. It’s a no-risk introduction to a world of possibilities. 

Free demo

Elevate your marketing and sales strategy

A one-year subscription* to the Magid AD.VANTAGE™ platform includes briefings specific to your business vertical, access to the example library and interactive data portal, access to the AD.VANTAGE AI tool, and any other special reports created by the AD.VANTAGE team.

Custom Pricing

The Ultimate AD.VANTAGE

Transform your enterprise with a bespoke subscription plan designed exclusively for your business needs. Engage with the full capacity of AD.VANTAGE through tailored insights, dedicated support, data acquisition, native integration and advanced customization options. This premium option is perfect for organizations seeking a strategic partner in data analysis, market research, and targeted marketing efforts. Connect with our consultants to craft a subscription that aligns with your ambitious goals.

Custom Pricing

The tier two subscription option grants access via one unique username and password for each member on your team at a single location. For teams requiring expanded access at multiple locations, additional user accounts can be provisioned at a tiered pricing structure, based on the total number of users needed. Choose the custom option to get an accurate quote. The annual membership fee is payable in full at the time of registration.

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