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Market + Consumer Intelligence

Understanding a market and the consumer mindset requires contextual empathy and intelligence that is grounded in historical perspective, current cultural understanding, and a vision of the future that can be quantified and validated through primary research.

Better consumer intelligence and market insights put humans at the core.

Consumers are in on the data collection game. They expect us to have insights and knowledge to create the most human-focused, empathetic, frictionless and individualized products, services, experiences and offerings. The challenge is, most businesses aren’t living up to those expectations.

Consumers today are no more or less complex than 20 years ago. We still make emotional decisions and layer on rational thinking post-decision to validate our choice.

The world today is smaller and yet more expansive than ever before. People with similar attitudes and interests can find cohorts who live halfway around the globe to share their passions. This type of interconnectedness means that consumer attitudes and beliefs are ever-influenced and ever-changing – while the growth of niche businesses is quickly setting new standards for everyone else in a given market.

You need to be on top of the attitudes and beliefs that are driving behavior patterns. You cannot simply rely on big data to give you a projection of future actions and reactions as big data measures only what has happenedit does not get to the why. You need both in order to predict what will come next.

market consumer intelligenceChange is the constant.

Market dynamics that are filtered through consumer intelligence deliver the most applicable strategies for growing your business. Detailed understanding of you and your competition’s value-friction modeling, layered with current industry pressures and macro consumer trends, will keep you in the driver’s seat.

By executing a combination of flawless qualitative intelligence, analysis, quantitative intelligence, and consulting, we help clients distill applicable insights from consumers and markets.

Our work is often used in:

  • M&A due diligence
  • Brand health, tracking, and advancement
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Consumer choice analytics and modeling
  • Feasibility and market assessment
  • Product and IP development and reinvention 
  • Business to market realignment
  • Strategic planning
  • Monetization and price modeling
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Unique Expertise

Moms and Kids: Magid knows kids. That’s because we’re continuously in field with kids and parents of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, and have conducted hundreds of kid-focused research projects. This allows us to know what is new and happening in kids’ rapidly evolving worlds and offer a deep understanding of kids and families across all phases of research. » Learn more

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