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When better consumer insights are needed to drive decision-making

When better consumer insights are needed to drive decision-making


Regional destinations are not just competing against other regional destinations but they have to think like a global brand – and that starts with taking a look at yourself from the perspective of your target audience.

Our client was at a loss to understand their low attendance rates and needed guidance to understand which of their next steps under consideration would do the most to move the needle.



Human-centered design process with a focus on primary research 

How we framed the engagement » Magid went into the regional market and spoke with attendees to understand the experience, and non-attendees to identify the disconnect. These qualitative insights fed into a survey of a broader regional mix that allowed us to look at the market both demographically and geographically. We identified the key drivers for attendance and largest barriers for non-visitors.

Resulting in » At each phase of the research, our client took immediate steps to tweak and re-target their marketing efforts. In addition, the insights have impacted their short- and long-term strategic planning as it relates to retail partners, on-site entertainment, and facilities investment.



» Consumer attitudes and behaviors analysis
» Identification of key additions/improvements most likely to drive increased consumer engagement
» Marketing materials review and optimization
» Weekly team meetings with marketing team and advertising agencies to bring the consumer voice
» Website UI and design consulting


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