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Local Media Consulting

With more than 65 years of experience working with local media organizations of every size, Magid works with clients in hundreds of newsrooms around the world, from large national broadcasters to small independent operations encompassing TV, digital, print, and integrated brands, consulting and providing expertise in areas including news and content, sales and revenue, and innovation and advanced media.

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Practice Areas

News and Content: Our teams are anchored by industry professionals – former news directors, publishers and content creators – who have intimate knowledge of the demands of a newsroom and the proven expertise to help transform newsrooms today as we guide you through content creation, distribution and monetization. We help you understand and deliver the emotional experience and connection viewers are seeking regardless of platform – whether it’s video, print, broadcast, SVOD, or mobile.
Sales and Revenue: Our seasoned team of media and advertising veterans can help you determine how ads are performing and on which platforms they work best, based on a history of campaign success with proven results. Our skilled team knows advertising inside and out, and can support your media group or agency with proprietary programs like our Advertiser Sentiment Tracker and Magid Advertising Performance Program (MAP). We also offer universal measurement of media sales analytics, digital ad effectiveness, programming strategies, sales workflows, and more.
Innovation and Advanced Media: We’ve tracked and predicted the changing dynamics in the media landscape, from the advent of the modern local newscast in the 1960s, to the growth of cable and satellite delivery, the impact of the internet on print distribution, mobile’s profound impact on every aspect of our society, and how OTT is changing video viewing today and in the future. We see the trends and help you navigate through the changes, with expertise in digital strategy and deep, research-based understanding of your industry, brand, and strategic goals.
Communication Coaching: Better communication leads to better business performance. Whether it's in the boardroom, on earnings calls, or on-air representing your company, Magid works with executives, spokespeople, on-air celebrities, politicians and journalists to create effective, engaging communicators. Our Communication Coaching services help you positively represent your company and personal brand, and effectively convey strategic messages. Regardless of the situation, we will make you a stronger, more comfortable and confident communicator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can local media stations build sales brands that engage advertisers in their market?

Top local stations looking to differentiate have worked hard to create powerful news brands that build audiences and increase viewership – but not necessarily a unique sales brand that attracts advertisers. To create a sales brand that stands out, focus on showing unique value to create differentiation and expand your focus from reach to quality. 

How can local stations better engage and increase viewership with Millennials?

Millennials now make up more than 60% of the 25-54 age demographic – and they connect with brands and content differently than previous generations. Not just how they connect, but why: they’re seeking emotional connections to the content and brands they engage with. This doesn’t mean we walk away from creating objective content that builds trust with our viewers. Both generations value investigative news. It’s just in how we approach it – to engage a Millennial audience, we need to embrace being authentic, human and focus on emotionally engaging content. 

a family enjoys watching their local newsHow can local media stations better engage employees to drive change and have a more fulfilled workforce?

The local media industry has an engagement problem, and we have a communication problem. If our employees are not fired up to attack the challenges in our industry each day, if they don’t feel good about the content they create, and if they don’t believe in the vision and direction of their leadership, we can’t win. Here are three ways to better engage station staffs: Listen – Put processes in place for you and your team to frequently solicit feedback and input at all levels and across all disciplines. Then really listen and think about what you’re hearing. Communicate – Leaders need to take the time to ensure that everyone in their station knows about your strategy for the future, what’s new and on the horizon, and how you’re working to innovate for the future. Empower – Listening and communicating are critical steps. But you’ve got to do something with all that information. Empower your people to make changes and innovate. Recognize and reward their actions, even if they don’t hit the mark right away. Share their work with the rest of your teams and get feedback that can help make it better. Then track these efforts to measure their impact.


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