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When consumer insights fuel publisher growth

When consumer insights fuel publisher growth


It’s no surprise that consumers are moving to digital properties, feeds, apps, and social platforms to consume news.

What is surprising is how many newspaper and print publications are simply accepting declining readership as though they have no control over their future.



Embracing co-creation with consumers leads to a brighter future

Working with a midwest publisher, we expanded our view of the challenge of declining readership and left nothing off the table. We brought consumers and operators to the same table and explored brand attitudes, product pricing models, positioning and blank sheet re-imagination through co-creation and rapid prototyping – all validated by advanced analytics.

The result was a human-centered redesign that resulted in 10% growth in subscriptions for the publisher.



» Human-centered design
» Consumer attitudes and usage
» Brand attribute assessment
» Pricing model
» Co-creation prototype development
» MaxDiff analysis

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