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Magid’s Unique Approach to AI-Infused Workflow Tools

Magid’s Unique Approach to AI-Infused Workflow Tools

On a recent episode of the “The All-In Podcast,” David Sacks of Craft Ventures made a very impactful point, saying, “Every product that uses AI must think about where the LLM ends and where their product begins.”  Sage advice from one of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley. 

At Magid, we have approached the development of our AI-infused workflow tools with the same guiding principle. We know what makes people tick, enhanced even further by artificial intelligence. But then we go beyond the intel to the product – harnessing that intel to drive business growth, with task-saving activations.

Gen AI is a very empowering technology that has the potential to drive significant performance improvements and efficiencies for our clients. But what most people don’t yet understand is that it won’t do it on its own. Yes, millions of people have sat mesmerized as ChatGPT produces draft emails and reports with one or two simple prompts. At a first glance, this process seems to get 70% of the way to a complete piece of content. But take a closer look, and you’ll realize the content is typically too generic, shallow and lacks unique data or insight to really make it stand out and resonate with an audience.

At Magid, we believe that in order for AI-based tools to drive improvements and efficiencies in everyday tasks, the tool has to perform each job to world class standards AND be able to incorporate at least as much unique value as a talented employee would be expected to add. 

It’s for these reasons that Magid’s AI-infused workflow tools are differentiated from other AI-supported products in several distinct ways. 

  1. We incorporate best practices in the workflow solutions based on Magid’s 65 years of industry and functional experience. For example, our Collaborator Pro product is constructed so that every piece of marketing copy conforms to best practices in effective writing for each distribution platform. This information is derived from our many years of research-based guidance to marketers on writing that is most effective in connecting with consumers on each medium. 
  2. We create consumer research-based brand stylers to ensure that all content is written in a client’s brand voice. Many media companies, for instance, have only slight brand differences, but we have, for years, helped these companies define the specific words and emotions that define their unique promise of value. This important differentiation is customized to the workflow solutions we deliver to each client. 
  3. We focus outputs to align in content and style with the motivations and drivers of purchase behaviors of each target customer segment. Most segmentation research goes unactivated or is used at very elementary levels. Our workflow solutions incorporate vast amounts of unique segmentation data to tailor content according to a segment’s prime purchase or engagement motivators. 
  4. We incorporate proprietary consumer research both to create content that aligns with current consumer attitudes and dynamics and to add unique value to various communications such as email outreach from sales teams seeking to take a challenger approach to business development. For example, our Ad.Vantage AI product creates sales outreach for local ad sales teams that incorporates information about a client’s customers that they find immediately useful. Sports teams leverage the same technology to capture current consumer sentiment when pitching tickets to upcoming games. 

There are dozens of new AI-based content creation tools for various enterprise applications available in the market today. The most valuable ones will deliver on the four key characteristics of workflow best practices, consumer research-based brand stylers, consumer segmentation-based content creation, and attitudinal research to incorporate current consumer attitudes and sentiment. 

This all is exactly why we at Magid are so excited about our AI-infused workflow tools – task-saving activations for our clients, including Magid Collaborator Pro, Collaborator Newsroom, and Ad.Vantage AI. Our current clients are telling us these products are delivering on those four key characteristics. We stand ready to take our new clients into this new frontier, i.e. Beyond The LLM. 

What challenges are you facing today?

We’re ready to deliver insights and move your organization forward.