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Customer Experience + Engagement

Our Customer Experience + Engagement offering has been shaped by more than six decades of understanding human behavior. Our emphasis on contextualization allows us to easily incorporate emerging technology into the consideration set for clients to build more resilient customer experience and engagement practices in today’s ever-changing consumer ecosystem.

Consumers are the ultimate arbiters of business success.

Blending art and science, along with technology and human interaction, today’s customer experience and engagement leaders recognize the lack of a linear purchase path. They also recognize the need for their organization to truly capture the voice of the customer and every single touchpoint on a customer’s journey – known and unknown.

Removing friction is a major factor for any business looking to deliver exceptional customer experiences. The tricky part is recognizing what points of friction matter most to your ideal customers. How friction is defined varies based on past experiences, new technological advancements, socio-economic structures, belief systems, shifts in macro trends, pressures placed on businesses by society, and other demographics or attitudes.

Providing a frictionless experience can’t be achieved by guessing at what matters most. Too often, businesses invest millions of dollars and a lot of time fixing something that despite being a point of friction, wasn’t deemed very important by the customer.

By spending time working with consumers, considering adjacent spaces, mapping value vs. friction as seen by ideal customer segments, and co-creating paths forward, you’ll find that you’re able to efficiently zero in on what matters.

customer experience engagementChange is the constant.

Magid gives you a roadmap to what technologies, enhancements, delivery and fulfillment changes, training, add-on services and the like will have the greatest impact on retaining and acquiring more customers and advocates for your offering.

When we find ourselves shaping customer experience and engagement practices with our clients they often start with the following types of questions:

  • We have low scores on our customer experience survey, what is the best path forward to bring them up?
  • How do people research, shop for and purchase my offering today and how can we make the most impact?
  • What should my in-store and/or digital experience feel like to maximize share of wallet?
  • My e-commerce sales are down but my traffic is up. Where is the leakage?
  • How can I maintain subscriptions and reduce churn?
  • How can I reconfigure my recommendation engine to better serve, retain and acquire new customers?
  • How should we redevelop our ad pods and ad slating to align to consumer desires and increase purchase intent for our advertisers?
  • How do I fix my customer service model to delight consumers and have a positive impact on my brand?
  • What should my voice strategy be now that smart speakers and voice assistants are becoming more mainstream?
  • In the age of the Internet of Intelligence, how does my brand experience fit in? Where do I focus?
  • What do my advertisers think about my ad sales team and how do we better serve our advertisers?
  • What are membership and subscription service best practices for my core audience and industry/offering that I need to consider?
  • How do I offer better services to my local advertisers that will help them spend more ad dollars with me and grow their business?
  • We’re launching an OTT platform – where do we focus and how do we prioritize to capture immediate market share?

When looking to drive the best customer experience and engagement, you need to relentlessly reduce the friction that pains your customers most while aiming to surprise and delight at every turn. 

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Core Offerings

Customer Journey: We pinpoint and prioritize the key ‘moments of truth’ in the customer journey to improve the customer experience, influence decision making, and drive loyalty. Beyond simply mapping the steps customers and prospects take, we identify the underlying thoughts, feelings, and motivators that shape their needs and expectations at each phase. This surfaces opportunities to resolve key and often unknown pain points, understand competitive positioning, and highlight or refine elements of the value proposition.
Customer Experience: Every experience touchpoint matters. Consumer expectations are continually advancing. We have decades of shaping new experiences, services, products and brands grounded in human-centered design practices. Our work sets new standards.

What challenges are you facing today?

We’re ready to deliver insights and move your organization forward.