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When consumer-tested prototypes enhance a retailer’s Millennial experience

When consumer-tested prototypes enhance a retailer’s Millennial experience


Digitally-focused Millennials were not engaging with this retailer, despite an interest in the types of products and solutions they offer. The retailer wanted to better understand how to connect with this elusive demographic with an enhanced customer experience.




Expand our understanding of what millennials really want to build offerings they truly desire

Gathering empathy and capturing in-the-moment creativity are essential to building any offering. We took our macro trend and proprietary study insights, along with our Magid Minds Roundtable cross-over insights, to shape the framework for a co-creation session that brought consumers and our clients face-to-face to rapidly ideate and prototype ideas in a structured yet creative setting.

The outcome was a defined set of consumer-tested prototypes. A secondary, yet equally important outcome, was the deep understanding our client participants gained of what Millennials truly want by working arm-in-arm with them. This allowed the team to be more willing to push for the solutions they helped create and exposed them to a new method for solving tough business challenges.



» Macro trends assessment
» Magid proprietary studies insights overlay
» Inspired thinking session + co-creation facilitation
» Prototyping
» Quantitative and qualitative validation of prototypes
» Look-forward roadmap

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