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When co-creation paves the way to consumer-centric innovation and market differentiation

When co-creation paves the way to consumer-centric innovation and market differentiation



Consumers have long demanded – and received – greater choice, control and convenience in the ways they can enjoy the video content they want. But in a media ecosystem where more offerings cater to this need, it is critical for new propositions to come to market with a profound understanding of what drives and inhibits consumer engagement – and how to achieve differentiation that meaningfully serves real consumer needs and desires.



Ideation intensive: co-creation as a path to consumer-centric innovation and market differentiation

Fast-paced, free-flowing and highly collaborative workshops structured around a set of goals and key questions were facilitated by a team of Magid specialists for this client, one of the world’s largest creators and distributors of TV and movie content.

Precisely selected consumers worked alongside and with client stakeholders to explore and generate a multitude of original ideas for product features and solutions to defined challenges, all underpinned by open discussion of why needs exist and how they would be met.

Each day was comprised of specific sets of activities designed to optimize collaboration and ideation resulting in clear and well-defined concepts. The structure of Day 2 remained fluid until informed by the outputs of Day 1. The result concepts and ideas were then assessed and taken into subsequent qualitative and quantitative testing, the results of which fed into product build and execution processes.



» Consumer-centric innovation
» Consumer attitudes and usage
» Concept origination


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