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Positioning + Messaging

Emerging technology and an abundance of choice means that distinct positioning and messaging is paramount. Our experts help businesses find and refine their brand voice, craft go-to-market strategies, address advertising effectiveness measures and launch strategic positioning in the marketplace.

Take a human-centered approach to measuring brand health and advertising effectiveness.

Today’s brand managers have plates overflowing with responsibility – defining the best go-to-market strategies, deploying the most unique and resonant brand voice, delivering the most effective creative and content while measuring advertising effectiveness and brand health.

It all requires some of the most courageous and innovative thinking. Solutions, strategies and partnerships must be steeped in a human-centered approach to understanding current macro trends, detailed consumer behavior insights, as well as business dynamics and competitive market forces.

» Brand Strategy and Creation: Positioning and messaging need to be grounded in an ownable, relevant and inspirational brand footprint inclusive of a brand purpose, mission, vision, pillars and voice.

Our consultants are experts in positioning, strengthening, and differentiating brands to create emotional connections and engagement with consumers and stakeholders.

This work often extends to developing or assessing media and marketing strategies to optimize multiple marketing platforms and effectively communicate with target audiences while ensuring the channels and messages reach target audiences.

positioning messaging» Brand Trackers: Most brand trackers are of limited help in giving direction as they were created at a time when aided and unaided awareness were fairly standalone key indicators. We have more data than ever before and yet it still only measures what has happened – not why it has happened. Brands are left drowning in data but starving for knowledge and actionable insight.

Consumers expect brands to know every detail of their lives and align to their vision of themselves – all while not being creepy. Some want more serendipitous discovery. Others want limited advertising messaging disruptions. Some want brands that think beyond shareholder value and think sustainably. Others want the most frictionless product and experience. Every brand has to optimize for the optimal audience.

Our Value:Friction™ Index is one of the tools we use to better understand the health of a brand and business. As it takes into consideration the multiple points of value that matter to your specifically targeted consumers (beyond demographics) and the many points of friction, it weights all in order of importance to your consumers so you know what actions to take. By aligning across your competitive set, you’re able to look for areas of whitespace and points of differentiation or unmet needs that allow you to disrupt before being disrupted. 

» Advertising Effectiveness: Our consultants work with ad sales and brand marketers alike to assist in assessing brand recall and favorability, purchase intent, attitudinal preferences, and other criteria to understand the effectiveness and value

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Core Capabilities

Brand Development: A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. It is the sum of all characteristics and feelings, both real and perceived that create an impression, make a promise and ultimately differentiate you from your competition. We help clients shape, refine and execute all aspects of their brand from the visual and verbal representation to how it is lived by every employee in day-to-day operations.
Advertising Performance: Magid Advertising Performance (MAP) brings the power of our research insights and deep industry expertise into the hands of local advertisers in markets across the country. We work with our broadcast partners to realign their advertising clients' marketing strategies and hone their messaging to make every dollar they spend work harder. » Learn more

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