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Global Media & Entertainment

From content creation and distribution to cable, internet and wireless services, our Global Media & Entertainment consulting and research practice consultants, facilitators and analysts work across this highly disrupted and continually evolving landscape alongside large, established global players as well as market entrants and startups, on a wide variety of consulting, research and analytics engagements.

From content creation and distribution to cable, internet and wireless services – our practice areas cover them all

» Content distribution, strategy, creation and ad sales: We’re living in a world where churn is normalizing and cord cutting continues with more originals and more content access points being created than ever before. Consumption patterns (binge viewing, co-viewing, purposeful viewing, separate togetherness) are changing and consumers are seeking content that aligns with their in-the-moment emotional needs and lifestyles.

Consumers know you have more data than ever before, and they expect you to use it in ways that will advance their experiences without them having to ask for it – in other words, seamlessly.

Meanwhile, as GRPs are going down while CPMs are going up, how do media properties create lasting and optimal monetization strategies? How do we measure audience engagement and intention, not just eyeballs, to place the correct value on our content?

These changing consumer dynamics along with industry consolidation and new technology are leading to the sunsetting of old business models and rethinking new forms of distribution, monetization, advertising, marketing and promotion. Navigating the future requires a strong focus on scientific principles of consumer insight and well-founded human and business frameworks.

We spend our days with cable operators, broadcast networks, OTT platforms, music publishers, studios, streaming services for music, podcasts and video content, digital-first brands and diversified media and entertainment organizations helping them with business and product strategies, customer acquisition and retention, brand positioning, price modeling, ad sales and syndication sales, M&A and partnerships, big-data analysis, as well as tactical concerns like scheduling and talent coaching – all grounded in insights fueled by human understanding through primary research, our unparalleled experience and expertise in this space and strategic guidance.

» Emotions and consumer behavior: Emotion is the primary driver of what we choose to watch, which is why Magid’s proprietary quantitative emotional measurement system, EmotionalDNA®, is widely used by leading global content creators and distributors to deliver unique content, assess true content value, support advertising sales and optimize schedules, recommendation engines, media buying algorithms, assess true content value and more. Learn more »

» Cable, internet and wireless: To bundle or not to bundle? How quickly can you deploy 5G? Do your MVPD or vMVPD subscribers care about the latest carriage deal – or lack of? Do your mobile subscribers care about the latest phone or have phones reached a point of sameness?

The telecommunications industry grew up fighting battles that involved speed, bandwidth, network, device options, acquisition and retention, and all sorts of retransmission and feature/benefit skirmishes in-between. The space is changing. The field on features/benefits has leveled and the magic that was the device in your hand and access to the internet has become just everyday fare. At the same time, the bundle is getting bigger and potentially stickier as Comcast, Charter and other MVPDs begin offering mobile services alongside broadband video and home security.

New battles are being waged. Consumers are looking for greater ease of connecting with their friends, accessing their content, controlling and automating the everyday duties that they don’t find stimulating – and telecommunications companies are still at the center of making this all possible.

Those who are ahead of the curve are working on new value propositions and new partnerships while thinking like media companies and experience-based brands. They’re finding paths to relevance that are grounded in consumers’ emotional desires and they’re solving for points of friction that consumers are just learning – or are entirely unrealized. In short, those who are ahead and gaining share are disrupting their own industry before someone else does it for them.

Magid can help companies differentiate their telecommunications brand and offering, break through the ad clutter with compelling offers and messages, and better understand barriers to switching and drivers to churn.

global media entertainment

Change is the constant.

At Magid, we help you not only capitalize on current consumer desires through in-depth consumer co-creation, courageous thinking and rigorous research – but also by crafting strategies to keep you ahead of emerging trends and needs. We get to the true why behind behaviors, allowing you to wade through technological innovations, potential partnerships, pricing and bundling scenarios, wholly new offerings and the like with unprecedented clarity.

Our work spans many types of engagements and ranges of scope, though many of our clients are looking to answer questions like these:

  • How do I unseat Netflix?
  • What do I do with all of this big data?
  • How do I acquire more customers?
  • How do I keep my customers longer?
  • What is the true value of my content and how can I price it more appropriately?
  • Which add-on services should I consider?
  • Which acquisitions and/or partnerships will be most advantageous to my business?
  • How should I predict and defend against churn?
  • What packages and pricing are most valuable to consumers? What content will drive new subscriptions – and retention?
  • AVOD vs SVOD?
  • How do I take advantage of ATSC 3.0, 5G and other technology advancements like augmented reality?
  • Can attribution ever really measure the brand effect of TV advertising or video content advertising?
  • Can we create a brand tracker fed by emotional connection that is a better proxy for brand loyalty and success of a brand?
  • What is the evolving role of the brand advertiser in this ecosystem?

What challenges are you facing today?

We’re ready to deliver insights and move your organization forward.