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When a global tech giant needs to better understand its audience for a new offering

When a global tech giant needs to better understand its audience for a new offering



In order to attract users to one of its first full-length VOD programs, the tech company is investing heavily. In order to better understand a new show’s prospective audience and market to them, the company hired Magid to conduct online dial testing enhanced with Magid’s EmotionalDNA® which enabled them to compare the show to the existing video entertainment landscape and leverage the show’s perceived emotional tonality in its promotions.



Magid’s approach to testing the show included quantitative online dial testing and qualitative focus groups. It also incorporated Magid’s proprietary product EmotionalDNA (eDNA) to place the show in the overall entertainment landscape and leverage emotional tonality.

In designing the research architecture, Magid concluded that online dial testing combined with eDNA would provide the best outcome. Online dial testing enabled the team to reach a larger sample size which yielded a clearer read of the data, avoided a regional skew, provided the opportunity for more granular analysis and was most cost effective. Appending the eDNA questions to the online pilot testing was immensely valuable for capturing the potential performance of the show relative to the video entertainment landscape and drive the right emotional tone in messaging. Finally, conducting focus groups to review the marketing creative enabled the team to ensure the show’s key marketing hooks and creative were consistent with the show’s tonality and audience.

Magid’s research provided a deep understand of the show’s audience and appeal, driving the success of the show.



» Moment-by-moment episode analysis
» Competitive landscape assessment
» Creative analysis
» Focus groups
» Dial testing
» EmotionalDNA® mapping


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