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Magid Games Team

We get the game. We know the players.

The Magid Games Team is a unique amalgamation of industry experts and seasoned researchers who understand not only where interactive entertainment has come from, but where the medium is going. With over 30 years of experience in the video game industry, we are expert qualitative and quantitative researchers, skilled at meeting the unique needs of the video game market.

We love our work. We love this industry.

The Magid Games Team’s understanding of the players and the industry goes well beyond surfing forums or following the latest controversy on Reddit. We speak directly to millions of gamers every year, and team members leading these research initiatives include former publishers, journalists, reviewers, streamers, and semi-pro gamers. This provides a huge advantage to Magid’s evaluative work, giving our team a far wider knowledge base than any other research & consultancy group in interactive entertainment.

We find the story and show how it matters.

Pre-development Review

• Get a 360-view of the landscape your proposed game is entering.

• Sift through your library of IPs to find the ones with compelling potential.

Discover the Market

• Where are the players right now?

• What do you need to know to reach your intended audience?

• Identify gamer interest and what drives their gaming behaviors.

Find the

• Playtesting games to gather meaningful insights

• Understand how the players truly play.

• Securely test pre-released content to predict how gamers will react.

Live Service Research

• Help games live beyond their initial shelf life.

• Get rapid feedback on content ideas before they hit production.

• Build and access unique gaming communities specific to your titles.

What challenges are you facing today?

We’re ready to deliver insights and move your organization forward.