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When reaching the Millennial consumer means optimizing media

When reaching the Millennial consumer means optimizing media



Is it enough to win with Millennials by spending more and shifting media dollars to digital? Or do we need to entirely rethink our creative?

Our client, a Fortune 500, national property and casualty insurer, was struggling to reach a new market segment and wanted to pilot test the impact of a new, digitally-focused media plan, before rolling out nationally.



Isolate the effects of new media planning by controlling for every possible source of variation 

We were presented with a research design challenge that our client’s other partners were unable to solve. We developed an out-of-the-box approach that no one else considered – and it worked. Further, we focused not only on how to conduct the test, but also the organizational dynamics and what needed to be communicated in order to influence decision-making.

The engagement led to a clear recommendation and next steps for both media and creative strategy, endorsed by the highest levels of the organization.  



» Weekly test/control tracking of media effectiveness
» Media spend and reach data overlay analysis
» EmotionalDNA® creative analysis

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