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When an innovative approach reinvents KSTP’s late-night newscast

When an innovative approach reinvents KSTP’s late-night newscast



Most local TV stations in the country have been facing the challenge of erosion of audience in late news for many years.
With so much content available at consumers’ fingertips and the constant stream of news fed into the 24-hour news cycle, viewers don’t see a reason to tune in to the late-night newscast, resulting in declining ratings and impacting the bottom line. KSTP needed to break through the noise and find a way for its 10 p.m. newscast to stand out.



Strategic guidance for a redesigned newscast focusing on context and perspective – driving audience engagement and allowing storytelling to take center stage

Magid created an approach for a redesigned 10 p.m. news program, helping KSTP fine-tune a new format and providing guidance on the editorial process, execution, talent coaching and more.

KSTP’s redesigned newscast, “Nightcast,” focuses on context and perspective to drive audience engagement, allowing storytelling to take center stage and the anchor to take a deeper dive on a topic – moving from as many as two dozen stories in a 35-minute slot down to less than ten most every night.

Through thoughtful planning and a timely launch planned for May 2020, KSTP was able to take on the challenge of covering the coronavirus crisis while giving consumers more context, unique perspective and new angles of the story at a time when they were inundated with COVID-19 coverage – showing the value of the new program immediately out of the gate.

“From an initial conversation about what a future 10 p.m. newscast might look like covering the unprecedented events in 2020 – to Pat Maday providing continuing counsel as we worked through daily rehearsals for the new format, Magid was instrumental in helping us develop and execute “Nightcast” on KSTP-TV. Our partnership with them provides us with unmatched support every single day,” said Kirk Varner, News Director, KSTP.

The results show an increase in ratings, with a 20% increase year-over-year in adults 25-54 in November 2020. Initial research by Magid is also helping inform the station’s marketing department on a path forward to promote the redesigned newscast and continue to improve ratings.


» Immediate and sustained increase in ratings

» Research that shows deeper audience engagement, overall improving brand perception

» More effective use of resources driven by the new format

» Research to inform the station’s marketing department on a path forward

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