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When insights drive revenue growth for Cox Media Group

When insights drive revenue growth for Cox Media Group


Building on their strong network of local media properties, Cox Media Group was looking to move its digital sales efforts to the next level.

The local space is clogged with competitors, but open for exploitation. As a strong, established brand, CMG properties were well-positioned to take advantage of local market opportunities. The challenge was finding the right openings and sales mix for their offerings and navigating a low-margin world.



Peer indexed data and longitudinal tracking unlocks insights and revenue 

Magid combined intensive field work with an innovative longitudinal tracking study across all markets to create a 360 view of the sales organization. Our vast store of proprietary data and industry experience helped frame both the approach and the data analysis.

Working closely with CMG, we identified and deployed four strategic recommendations to improve ROI storytelling and reporting, resulting in 15% improvement in average account value and a 20-point reduction in churn.



» Advertiser tracking survey
» Consumer attitudes and usage
» Brand attribute assessment
» Market evaluation
» Revenue modeling

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