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Optimization and assessment

You only get one chance to make a
first impression.

While our CPG expertise goes well beyond packaging, we know that for CPG brands, this is a critical factor in the success of a brand’s performance. Our expert team blends a tried-and-true process alongside a tailored understanding of your unique challenges for a fully customized solution which could include any or all of the phases below.

PHASE 1 » Understanding existing packaging equities

In this phase, we explore package associations, desired information and perceptions through qualitative interviews, unaided associations, existing shelf exposure and reactions to the current packaging.

PHASE 2 » Exploring potential packaging territories

In this phase, we aim to qualitatively understand packaging territories, perceptions, communication and consumer understanding by exploring further qualitative interviews, exposure to options within the shelf set and reactions to understand recognition and fit, perceptions alone and vs. competitors, and more.

PHASE 3 » Assessing detailed packaging designs

In this phase, we set objectives that further your qualitative understanding of assessment and fit, perceptions, communication, competitive set, packaging fit by audience, and product fit within the line and a broader portfolio.

Packaging design exploration is a standout phase for Magid. In today’s socially distant environment, it’s more important than ever to continue to explore packaging in real-life scenarios with consumers. We take an innovative approach using a webcam IDI (shopping from the shelf) system. We pair that with a best-in-class discussion flow aimed at offering more reliable and actionable insights.

Nervous about putting your stimulus in front of consumers? We got you. As leaders in media and entertainment research, we’re experts at safeguarding stim.

PHASE 4 » Validating designs vs. current

In this phase, we’ll help you validate new designs vs. current and help you start pivoting to understand breakthrough and purchasing, the personality of these new designs, and perceptions and motivators using high-quality quantitative methodologies. From online surveys, virtual shopping exercises, awareness testing and findability exercises to in-depth evaluations and interactive exercises, we’ll deliver the right data to ensure your packaging is shelf and endless aisle ready.

What challenges are you facing today?

We’re ready to deliver product optimization and development insights and move your organization forward.