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Turn insights into action with Magid’s AD.VANTAGE AI tool

Turn insights into action with Magid’s AD.VANTAGE AI tool

Today’s average consumer gets bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every week. As a marketing or sales professional, it’s a real challenge to break through that noise and connect authentically with your audience.

This is where AD.VANTAGE AI changes the game. The videos below offer bite-sized video snapshots that demonstrate how the AI tool instantly turns consumer insights into action, in ways that ensure you have the best outcomes in your outreach efforts.


In this video, we walk you through how to use AD.VANTAGE AI to instantly create effective media sales-focused customer outreach emails. The goal of this aspect of the tool is to provide you with valid business reasons to reach out to your prospects, utilizing up-to-date research insights and fueled by Magid content best practices.


Below, we demonstrate how AD.VANTAGE AI can transform your company’s blog by rapidly generating new posts tailored to specific consumer insights.


In the video below, we show you how to leverage AD.VANTAGE AI to create a sales talk track that will help you drive more meaningful conversations with your prospects.


This video demonstrates how you can use AD.VANTAGE AI to improve your company’s social media strategy with insight-fueled Facebook posts that resonate with your audience.


Watch this video to see how this AI tool can be used by media sellers to create LinkedIn posts to more effectively reach clients and prospects. 

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AD.VANTAGE AI is built from decades of ad marketing and sales expertise, and designed with proven best content practices to ensure the best outcomes in your marketing output. Early sales teams have seen a +40% increase in the number of meetings they set using MagidAI tools.

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