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Solution Specific

Complex challenges require a more robust mix of methodologies and expertise. We are a powerful team of business strategists, researchers and data scientists focused on delivering the insights required to grow your business.

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Solution Sets

Moms and Kids: Magid knows kids. That’s because we’re continuously in field with kids and parents of all ages, backgrounds, and interests, and have conducted hundreds of kid-focused research projects. This allows us to know what is new and happening in kids’ rapidly evolving worlds and offer a deep understanding of kids and families across all phases of research. » Learn more
Customer Journey: We pinpoint and prioritize the key ‘moments of truth’ in the customer journey to improve the customer experience, influence decision making, and drive loyalty. Beyond simply mapping the steps customers and prospects take, we identify the underlying thoughts, feelings, and motivators that shape their needs and expectations at each phase. This surfaces opportunities to resolve key and often unknown pain points, understand competitive positioning, and highlight or refine elements of the value proposition.
Packaging: Our expert team blends a tried-and-true process alongside a tailored understanding of your unique issues for a fully customized solution that includes understanding existing packaging equities, exploring new territories, assessing package design nuances, and validating a path forward. » Learn more
Brand Development: A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room. It is the sum of all characteristics and feelings, both real and perceived that create an impression, make a promise and ultimately differentiate you from your competition. We help clients shape, refine and execute all aspects of their brand from the visual and verbal representation to how it is lived by every employee in day-to-day operations.
Rapid Prototyping and Concept Development: Innovation is the key to staying ahead of the competition and constantly delivering value. Breakthrough innovation only comes from great ideas that address a meaningful human need. We help clients generate, develop and optimize new products and concepts that will make an impact in the marketplace through a variety of tools and approaches.
Advertising Performance: Magid Advertising Performance (MAP) brings the power of our research insights and deep industry expertise into the hands of local advertisers in markets across the country. We work with our broadcast partners to realign their advertising clients' marketing strategies and hone their messaging to make every dollar they spend work harder. » Learn more
Concept Testing

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