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New motivators driving content engagement

New motivators driving content engagement

The age-old belief is “content is king.” But is it the content itself that drives people to watch a show?

Recent Magid data shows that Gen Z and Millennial consumers are more motivated by the ability of content to lend itself to their social media standing – and the affirmation they gain from sharing their take – rather than pure enjoyment of the content itself.

Slide that demonstrates the differences in content engagement across generations
At the same time, consumers across generations consistently spend their time on the same content platform – YouTube. On average, Gen Z/Millennials spend 10-12 hours weekly on YouTube, while Gen X/Boomers similarly spend 9-11 hours.

CEO Brent Magid and Quantitative Researcher Deets Sharma discuss the imperative to look beyond generations to understand new behaviors and motivators driving content engagement.

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