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Mike Bloxham to moderate panel on the streaming wars at TVOT SF 2022

Mike Bloxham to moderate panel on the streaming wars at TVOT SF 2022

NEW YORK, September 27, 2022 – Magid’s Mike Bloxham will be moderating a panel on “Lessons from the Front Lines of the Streaming Wars” at The TV of Tomorrow Show (TVOT) in San Francisco, held October 12-13. Bloxham will also participate in a session revisiting a panel discussion first held at the TVOT Live show in January 2022.

The return to an-in person event for TVOT SF 2022 will bring together more than 150 prominent speakers and panelists who are driving innovation in areas like advanced advertising, audience measurement and research, attribution, audience-based buying, broadcast/local TV, ATSC 3.0/NEXTGEN TV, FAST, AVOD, SVOD, interactive programming, social video and beyond, to share unique insider-insights into their work and the strategic thinking that guides it, and to explain and debate their respective visions for television’s future.

What Would You Do if You Ran…?
Wednesday, October 12 – 9:10-10:00 a.m. PST (Ballroom)

We all say it (often with colorful language): “Y’know, if I ran that company, I’d…” Bringing back the panelists from TVOT Live, January 2022 (but with David Berkowitz pinch-hitting for Alan Wolk), we will once again dissect The Three F’s of the media and entertainment industry: Foilables, Flim-Flams and outright Fakery! A fast-moving and entertaining panel, featuring 80+ years of industry experience and expertise. Panelists include:

  • Colin Dixon, Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia
  • David Berkowitz, SVP of Corporate Marketing and Communications, Mediaocean
  • Mike Bloxham, EVP of Global Media and Entertainment, Magid
  • Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor (Moderator)
  • Sherry Brennan, Former SVP of Distribution, Fox Networks

Lessons from the Front Lines of the Streaming Wars
Thursday, October 13 – 10:30-11:20 a.m. PST (Ballroom)

This panel offers a unique opportunity to hear from seasoned executives who have been immersed in the business of streaming and the broader media landscape. They will speak about the challenges the sector faces, and the imperatives that need to be addressed not just to succeed, but to avoid sector meltdown and to go beyond the conventional wisdoms that keep things cozy. The goal of their discussion will be to define how the business needs to adapt to stand a chance of being sustainably profitable.

It’s going to be a lively and provocative conversation with people who have been there, done that and probably done it again. This will not be your conventional panel discussion. So don’t miss it. Panelists include:

  • Debi Pomerantz, SVP of Global Research and Consumer Insights, Warner Bros. Discovery
  • John Penney, Formerly SVP/EVP/Chief Strategy Officer, HBO, Lionsgate, Starz, Fox
  • Liz Huszarik, Formerly Chief Research Officer/EVP of Global Insights, Data and Strategy, WarnerMedia
  • Mike Bloxham, EVP of Global Media and Entertainment, Magid (Moderator)

About the panel, Bloxham said, “When you get a group of seriously smart people together with hands-on experience of every part of the lifecycle of the streaming business, you are going to get beyond the conventional wisdom and into the true underlying issues that shape the sector. We’ll be talking about what streamers need to do to overcome the challenges to growth and value creation and we’ll explore why we’ve seen so little real innovation in the space. And then there’s the issue of Wall Street, most of which – until very recently – has been asleep at the wheel as far as streaming is concerned. This is going to be a good one!”

See the full event schedule on the TVOT website.

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