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Magid’s Zak Shaikh to present innovation showcase at CTAM Think 2019

Magid’s Zak Shaikh to present innovation showcase at CTAM Think 2019

NEW YORK, March 11, 2019 – Zak Shaikh will present during the annual CTAM Think event at Cira Centre in Philadelphia on March 14, 2019. Session details follow.

Emotional alignment delivers audience engagement
10:50 a.m. / Main Room

Cord cutters, cord shavers and cord nevers continue to impact the entertainment, telecommunications and connectivity industries while even loyal cable customers are dipping in and out of services. Empowered by a robust digital landscape with so many viewing options and content available, today’s consumers are curating their own unique experiences and making it harder than ever for networks and cable operators alike.

For five years, Magid has been partnering with some of the most well-known names in media and entertainment to capture insights through a framework called EmotionalDNA®. This framework quantitatively maps the detailed emotional structures underlying TV shows and networks, providing a platform with diverse applications that drive business outcomes such as the improvement of audience acquisition, retention, positioning, and more by aligning emotional tonality.

Magid’s Zak Shaikh will share the highlights of two powerful case studies. In the first study, Sony Pictures Television worked with Magid to develop emotionally based scheduling recommendations that helped save a popular program—and its key demos—for a big three broadcast network. In the second study, a Turner-owned network facing declining ratings and erosion of CPM rates accomplished a complete turnaround based on EmotionalDNA-derived strategies.

Zak Shaikh, Senior Consultant
Zak Shaikh has worked with networks and studios for over a decade translating content and audience analysis into tangible insights for producers and creative teams to take action on. This ranges from programming strategy and pilot/series testing through to channel branding and content monetization pathways. He is part of the Emotional DNA team, helping to establish it as the leading content and research tool in the marketplace. Shaikh is also an established screenwriter, and member of the Writers Guild of America and BAFTA.

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