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Magid hosts first Los Angeles-based VR/AR Insights Consortium Event

Magid hosts first Los Angeles-based VR/AR Insights Consortium Event

First Los Angeles-based Consortium event secures top thought leaders in virtual, augmented and mixed reality

LOS ANGELES, March 5, 2018 —
Magid, a leader in research and consulting for the virtual and augmented reality industry, will host its first Los Angeles-based VR/AR Insights Consortium event this week. Magid’s VR/AR Insights Consortium brings leading-edge consumer research and insights to organizations looking to be on the forefront of these new spaces.

This influential invitation-only membership group convenes two times a year for in-person full-day workshops, and periodic digital sessions and special events. Members benefit from a large-scale 2000-person quantitative study fielded twice a year, which tracks VR/AR awareness, plus interest, experience, evaluation, purchase intent, perceptions, and more. Members also have access to qualitative research insights through active ethnographies with early adopters.

The event will be hosted on Wednesday, March 7 at member-company Warner Bros.’ popular Burbank studio. Other member companies include A+E, Best Buy and Turner. The theme for this session is: “Augmented & Virtual IRL (In Real Life)”.

The morning session is open invitation and will include:

The private afternoon session for Consortium members will focus on read outs of Magid’s latest research. Members will engage in discussion while hearing from Magid’s Mike Bloxham, Debby Ruth, Elizabeth Clinard and Amanda Morelli. Two early adopters from the Consortium qualitative study will also be present for an enlightening discussion.

Learn more about the Magid VR/AR Insights Consortium. 

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