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Grow Organic Weather Viewership by Engaging Emotionally

Grow Organic Weather Viewership by Engaging Emotionally

With so many competing apps and platforms that exist in the realm of the internet, almost everyone who contributes content online, no matter what platform, wants to know how they can stand out from the pack.

What everyone assumes is that engagement is tracked by click traffic alone, but that’s not always the case. There is so much competition on these platforms that you need to think outside the box in how you attract users. At Magid, we’ve found that people can contribute more than data can alone. Engaging your viewer is what will keep them coming back for more.

Assess your goals on social media to turn users into viewers. Ask questions to get people talking, and allow them to post, share, and comment to leverage organic reach.

When it comes to weather and its related content, the main problem is the existing competition with hundreds of other sources. Every platform has a forecast page now-even Facebook. What will set you apart from all these other apps? You need to give users a reason to watch, follow, and listen to you. It is crucial to take action by thinking about what you can do on social media that you may not be possible on other platforms. During a 30-day period in spring 2017, nearly 120 million internet users checked the weather forecast using a computer, smartphone, or tablet (Statista). Increasingly, younger generations are turning to social media to provide daily information such as the weather and other important updates. They are attracted to short news stories that provide a context to which they can relate.

Utilize these three simple strategies to engage with viewers.

1. MORNING CONTENT: 84% of smartphone owners use apps during their morning routine, and 45% of them check the weather app. Post content early and share the big weather story of the day. Seek user engagement by asking a question (Statista & Mashable).

2. PUSH ALERTS– (updates, severe weather, etc.): Viewers don’t want to hear or see the same content every day, but they want consistency. 60% of U.S. smartphone users have enabled weather-alerts. The key is to be useful, not annoying (Statista & Mashable).

3. PERSONAL CONNECTION: Pull back the curtain and let viewers know you outside the weather center. Share short videos or small content pieces that create human connection.


Listen to viewers and know what they want in a weather post. Content is important, and people want it all. Curate a mix of content in your feed that educates, informs, but also allows for engagement.

What challenges are you facing today?

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