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12 must-read local media insights to close out 2019 and kick off the new year

12 must-read local media insights to close out 2019 and kick off the new year

With 2020 just around the corner, we’ve compiled some of our most popular, recent Magid insights and commentary to help you renew your focus for the coming year.

Radio+Television Business Report » ‘Strong appeal’ for ATSC 3.0 Next-Gen features, says Pearl

New research from the Phoenix deployment of Next-Gen Television showed that the new service delivering live, over-the-air TV could increase broadcast TV viewing and drive sales of new television receivers.

How to create local content that extends beyond news – and why you should

Content opportunities are broader than your current focus. Magid research identified the top types of non-news information consumers are interested in, including topics that would particularly attract Millennials.

What’s your strategy for the #2 news source: YouTube?

More than half of consumers get local news or weather information from YouTube at least once a week – the numbers are substantial, but many station brands don’t have a focused approach or strategy for the platform.

MediaPost » Study: Education, training essential to best position branded content

The Local Media Association (LMA) and Local Media Consortium (LMC) released the findings of a second study conducted by Magid for the Branded Content Project, examining how local media can work with advertisers to better understand, engage and benefit from branded content campaigns – and the study shows that education and training are key.

USA Today » Is consolidation the key to a digital journalism transformation for Gannett and GateHouse?

“Bringing this level of scale could answer a lot of those questions for advertisers and create a higher degree of consistency so that they can buy more national advertising and inserts in a more consistent fashion and actually improve the profits and improve the return from their perspective,” said Magid’s Jaime Spencer who was called upon by USA Today to comment.

4 strategies for stations expanding to new content platforms

Stations expanding to new platforms like OTT, social media, podcasts and apps need to have a clear strategy defined for each, otherwise risk creating an ineffective experience for consumers and a disconnect among staffs. Whether you have an existing multi-platform strategy, you’re looking to grow and expand to new platforms, or you’re just getting started, here are four things to consider.

Why your functional broadcast brand isn’t meeting Millennial consumers’ ideals

Your audience has changed – Millennials now make up more than 60% of the 25-54 age demographic – and they connect with brands and content differently than previous generations. Not just how they connect, but why.

TVNewsCheck » How to develop a streaming news strategy

To succeed in the increasingly crowded streaming space, news organizations need to understand consumers’ needs and viewing, determine where TV news content fits in and determining the business and monetization implications. Magid’s Katie Larson shares four key ways to taking advantage of streaming opportunities.

Local advertisers to station sellers: You’re doing it wrong

Top local stations looking to differentiate have worked hard to create powerful news brands that build audiences and increase viewership – but what about a unique sales brand that attracts advertisers?

The urgent challenge of employee engagement: Do we even like the content we create?

In 2019 we shared the key findings from our Local Media Landscape Study in a series of posts that looked at the path forward for brands and content, the keys to engaging local advertisers, and the right approach toward platform expansion. But this was perhaps the most significant and troubling observation from the entire process: Employees don’t think our industry is on the right track.

How to drive audience engagement across local media platforms (6 ways)

As local stations look to drive audience engagement across platforms (newscast, mobile, OTT, social), it’s important to remember to treat each platform as a unique part of the whole to build overall brand affinity, which in turn can translate to engagement. Here are six ways to drive audience engagement and maximize content across platforms.

Case study » newsroom transformation results in a stronger news brand and incredible ratings growth

When WDAY GM Josh Rohrer took the helm in 2018, he turned to Magid to help define the best strategy for a new approach to transform the newsroom. The results? A significant growth in engagement and dramatic increase in ratings from 2018 to 2019.


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