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ITVT announces schedule of sessions for TV of Tomorrow Show San Francisco 2019 featuring Magid experts

ITVT announces schedule of sessions for TV of Tomorrow Show San Francisco 2019 featuring Magid experts

Magid’s Mike Bloxham and Bill Hague set to share insights on the future of television

NEW YORK, May 21, 2019 – ITVT today announced the schedule of sessions for the 13th Annual TVOT Show (TVOT). The conference will be held June 12-13, 2019, at the Golden Gate Club in The Presidio, a national park in San Francisco.

The annual TVOT San Francisco conference is the global gathering for executives, technologists and creatives working in the interactive and multiplatform television industry/community. The two-day conference is also the venue for the presentation of the highly regarded Awards for Leadership in Interactive and Multiplatform Television, presented by ITVT since 2004. This year’s event includes a roster of around 150 speakers, including luminaries from all areas of the TV and video world.

The Promise of Future TV, from Potential to Sustainable Scalability

Wednesday, June 12
Cypress Room 

TVOT has always been about where our industry is heading. This session will take a hard look at what we need to put in place to get there and to thrive.

The emerging business and creative opportunities in the entertainment video sector that are enabled by the promise of 5G, spatial computing (VR/AR/MR), connected cars, IoT and even voice will impact distribution, discovery and monetization of what we currently think of as TV, advertising and content creation. But what needs to be put in place to realize that potential at scale and to ensure sustainable success? What is needed in terms of consistent technical and other standards? What about measurement, workflow issues and brand safety protections? And then there’s the elephant in the room–how do we consistently and effectively manage all the data that will flow in a manner that balances business needs with the ever more sensitive issue of privacy and data security? Is the VR community thinking about GDPR 2.0?

Hear from a panel of practitioners and thought leaders addressing these issues from different perspectives as they prepare their companies and partners to deal with the emerging realities of the worlds we focus on at TVOT. Panelists include:

  • Mike Bloxham, SVP of Global Media and Entertainment, Magid (Moderator)
  • Irena Cronin, CEO, Infinite Retina
  • Howard Shimmel, President, Janus Strategy and Insights
  • Arthur Orduna, Chief Innovation Officer, Avis Budget Group
  • Additional panelists to be announced

Will the Car Be TV’s Next Day Part?

Thursday, June 13
Hawthorn Room 

Will the car be TV’s next daypart? According to industry experts, it is not impossible in a future driven by emerging technologies over the next five years. The way that consumers will access mobile and home entertainment content, and their implications for advertising, media and other commercial sectors will be largely determined by the trajectories of ATSC 3.0 and 5G. The desire to envision the future brought industry leaders from networks, Wall Street, research firms, adtech, telcos and others together in December for a unique day of scenario planning. This creative brainstorming session examined emerging video distribution technologies, envisioned their potential implications, and crafted recommendations for the industry to prepare for the future of video. Join session leaders and industry experts for a panel to collaboratively explore what these changes might ultimately mean for the future of the media industry. Panelists include:

  • Mike Bloxham, SVP of Global Media and Entertainment, Magid
  • Anne Schelle, Managing Director, Pearl TV
  • Debbie Reichig, SVP of Media Research, Disney
  • Howard Shimmel, President, Janus Strategy and Insights (Moderator)
  • Additional panelists to be announced

ATSC 3.0 Mini-Track II: Learnings from Consumer Lab Testing in the Phoenix Model Market

Wednesday, June 12
Hawthorn Room

A recent research study from the Phoenix Model Market deployment of ATSC 3.0 found that the new capabilities that the standard will enable could not only encourage viewers to increase their consumption of broadcast television, but win over viewers who don’t currently watch it.

Among other learnings from the study: 91% of consumers were “interested” or “very interested” in ATSC 3.0; those consumers were particularly excited by the standard’s potential to power enhanced video (4K with HDR) and 3D audio (with ATSC 3.0’s potential to enable interactivity and personalization also generating significant enthusiasm); and 80% of consumers expressed significant interest in purchasing ATSC 3.0-enabled TV sets or add-on devices.

In this session, the study’s principal author, Magid EVP, Bill Hague, will cast light on these and other findings.


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