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Magid’s James Ambalathunkal to present on “Measuring Cultural Authenticity in Content” at CTAM Think 2023

Magid’s James Ambalathunkal to present on “Measuring Cultural Authenticity in Content” at CTAM Think 2023

NEW YORK, October 31, 2023 – James Ambalathunkal will present on how to measure cultural authenticity in content during the annual CTAM Think event on Thursday, November 2 in New York City. Session details follow.

Measuring Cultural Authenticity in Content to Appeal to Diverse Audiences
11:25 a.m.

Understand the consumer point-of-view on DEI to pinpoint what drives cultural authenticity through DiversityLens™ – a proprietary solution that measures audience perceptions. Gain insights from a recent network portfolio group case study on how to analyze series, inform the development slate and improve DEI KPIs.

James Ambalathunkal, Director, EmotionalDNA®
James is a lead consultant on Magid’s EmotionalDNA® team based in Los Angeles. He advises clients on the emotional attributes that drive engagement with series, movies, networks and platforms. Prior to Magid, James worked at Nielsen where he established data partnerships and advised on products for the Entertainment Industry.

He’s also served as a Nickelodeon & DC Entertainment sitcom writer, a creative executive at NBC Entertainment where he managed various scripted dramas, comedies, TV movies, miniseries, acquisitions and co-productions, and a DEI executive responsible for preparing inclusion data for coalition meetings with the NAACP, NHMC, and GLAAD.

Visit CTAM Think for information.

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