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Mike Bloxham and Tony Cardinale to present Subscriber Science™ at the 2023 Media Insights & Engagement Conference

Mike Bloxham and Tony Cardinale to present Subscriber Science™ at the 2023 Media Insights & Engagement Conference

NEW YORK, January 25, 2023 – Magid announced today that Mike Bloxham, Executive Vice President, Global Media and Entertainment, and Tony Cardinale, Senior Vice President, Data Science, will present at the Media Insights & Engagement Conference in a session for The Future of Media track on Subscriber Science.™

Magid’s Subscriber Science practice enables clients to better understand, predict and manage churn and retention to increase revenues and drive business growth.

Churn and Burn – or – Retain and Sustain: Optimizing Subscriber Segments to Maximize Business Value
The Future of Media
| 10:55am – 11:35am PST

Not all subscribers are created equal. Some sign on, use the service and will never churn out. Others sign on with the intention of churning in a matter of months or even weeks.

The result is volatility in the subscriber base and volatility in the business. To date, subscribers have largely been seen as a homogenous mass. But to sustainably drive value, streamers have to understand which subscribers are more or less likely to churn and adopt different strategies based on those realities.

This session draws on a new churn-centric segmentation of the streaming population to define the scale of the risk and remedies that can be applied.

The conference, taking place January 30-February 1 in San Diego, will cover a number of topics including power shifts in media, representation in media, data measurement and insights, and the media landscape of the future. Visit the conference website for more information.


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