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The Modern Gamer Webinar » view on demand

The Modern Gamer Webinar » view on demand

When Netflix starts talking about Fortnite to their investors, it’s official: today’s gamer is the #1 trendsetter you need to know in 2019.

Break the stereotype.
The modern gamer is less likely to be a young man living on his parent’s basement couch and more likely to be a parent, a high-income earner, a homeowner, or female. He—or she also expresses behaviors highly correlated with hyper-consumption in media and consumer spending. They spend more than non-gamers, not only on media and entertainment and consumer electronics, but also on travel, retail, discretionary items, and apparel.

Last week, Magid was joined by Fullscreen to present insights on the modern gamer based on an extensive gaming study conducted in Q3 2018. Webinar highlights and takeaways include:

  • The gaming industry, lifestyle, and influences on mainstream culture
  • Gaming industry segments and personas
  • The juxtaposition of influencing and being influenced » gamers over-index as brand advocates on social, but are also receptive to being influenced
  • Gamer language and behaviors
  • Predictions for the future of gaming and the further permeation of gaming into everyday life


  • Amelia Rance, Director of Measurement and Insights, Fullscreen
  • David Pucik, Vice President, Gaming and Digital Strategy, Magid
  • Emcee: Mike Bloxham, Senior Vice President, Global Media and Entertainment, Magid

About Fullscreen
Fullscreen is a global leader in social-first entertainment experiences serving creators, brands and consumers. As a leader in branded content and social marketing services, Fullscreen partners with major brands seeking to engage valuable, elusive youth audiences on social platforms through original entertainment, influencer marketing, multi-platform social content and targeted media through the Fullscreen Media Network. Serving a broad range of clients from offices in Los Angeles, New York and Atlanta, Fullscreen’s rapidly growing brand marketing teams are defining the future of social-first, content-driven marketing. Fullscreen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Otter Media, a WarnerMedia company.  For more information, visit and follow on social media at @fullscreen.

About Magid
Magid is a consumer-centered business strategy company delivering courageous thinking that shapes better experiences, products and services. Since 1957, thousands of local and global brands in over 40 countries have engaged the firm for bold ideas that have helped achieve innovation and success. The Magid team is passionately curious and driven by the pursuit of improving human experiences with every engagement.

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