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Super Heroic empowers play to fuel souls

Super Heroic empowers play to fuel souls

Kids who grow up in the world of play expand their minds, channel their creativity and express themselves more fully. They need uniquely designed shoes and clothes that hold up to the way kids naturally move – which is why Super Heroic built a business around that premise.

Check out the founders talking about their origin:

The Story Behind Super Heroic

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We are proud to work with this passionate group of people. How we helped:

» Qualitative focus groups to understand how kids play (and how they want to play!) and how parents feel about the world of play for their children

» Family ethnographies to observe play in action in a variety of settings

» Quantitative analysis of an online survey of parents and kids exploring current play patterns and desired play patterns

Super Heroic’s Mission: Empowering children with the power of play

Super Heroic has a passion for empowering children with the power of play and designing footwear that will keep up with every movement, inspiring them to discover new places and encouraging them to hold on to the invincible feeling of childhood play.

Super Heroic is here to encourage every child to have fun and recognize that life is what you make it. A more fun world. Encouraging motion and engagement at every age, but designed for kids and their unique style of play. Empowering children to be whatever they want to become and change the outcome for creative youth, one pair of shoes at a time.

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