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Struggling to implement AI? You may be using the wrong tools.

Struggling to implement AI? You may be using the wrong tools.

AI emerged on the market amidst a frenzy of promises and expectations. Advocates heralded it as a game-changer, suggesting instant workflow efficiencies and big deposits of time back into your day. 

However, while trying to integrate AI into their workflows, many teams are struggling. Instead of streamlining their processes, they’re finding that AI is actually costing them a lot of time. To us at Magid, these issues are not surprising, because we’ve seen two big problems arise when people try to scale general-purpose AI tools. 

In this article, we break down each of these obstacles and explain how you can find solutions, so that you can fully leverage the potential of AI to effectively improve your day-to-day operations.

PROBLEM #1: Chat-based AI tools don’t work well for business-critical use cases.

The main appeal of AI tools is that they can save you time and resources. However, with general-purpose AI systems like chat-based tools, the burden is on the user to figure out the perfect prompt – or, more commonly, the right series of prompts – in order to produce quality, business-grade output. Unless you’re an AI expert skilled in advanced prompting techniques that resemble engineering-like sophistication, it’s very difficult to generate trustworthy, business-ready results.

This situation presents a frustrating paradox: while the promise of AI suggests it will alleviate the workload on teams, the reality with chat-based tools is often the opposite. Many teams are finding themselves dedicating considerable time and effort to figuring out how to extract real value from these products.

The solution to this problem lies in the user design. To truly experience the value of AI tools, you need simply structured interfaces that provide guided user experiences. The process of yielding reliable information should not be complicated or repetitive.

This is the philosophy that has guided the design of our Magid AI products. Our AI tools like AD.VANTAGE AI and Collaborator offer guided user experiences, focused on accelerating the user journey. You’re not left alone to navigate the AI abyss or pinpoint the precisely correct prompt on your own; our tools do a lot of the legwork for you. Most importantly, you can trust that the output can be effectively applied to real-world business applications.

PROBLEM #2: General-purpose tools only offer general-purpose solutions. 

Meaning, they are pretty good at doing all kinds of tasks, but not great at doing any specific one. It’s safe to say that we would all rather produce great work, than pretty good work. So, what makes the difference here when it comes to AI technology? 

This winning difference is domain expertise. To effectively provide solutions, you need expertise on the problems for which you’re solving. The ideal AI tool is built by experts in a specific field that understand the industry needs, pain points, and dynamics, and infuse that expertise into the product itself. 

The AI tools that we’re building at Magid are designed by experts in specific industries, who live and breathe solutions around topics like sales enablement, marketing strategy, content production, consumer insights, standardization of best practices, real-time quality analyses, and more.

Behind AI tools like AD.VANTAGE AI and Collaborator are real people with industry expertise to help you solve real-world business problems.


AI should not be another thing you need to solve for. It should be creating solutions for you – ones that are simple and airtight, which you can easily understand and see deliver on the efficiencies you need for your business.

Struggling to implement AI into your workflow? We’d love to have a conversation with you to see how we can help. Reach out to Alberto Melgoza ( or Katie Larson (


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