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When Slumberland furnishes its retail experience with consumer-led innovation

When Slumberland furnishes its retail experience with consumer-led innovation



As more customer traffic moves toward the digital space, Slumberland, a traditional furniture retailer, was seeing customers have greater expectations for their website and their in-store experience.

With that in mind, Slumberland was looking for a way to first understand and quantify the new customer journey, and then to reinvent the way the retailer interacts with customers along their journey. Magid helped identify gaps in the customer experience and prioritize enhancements that had the greatest impact on market share.



A deep understanding of the Slumberland customer journey 

Magid sought to fully understand Slumberland’s customer journey through a process of deep discovery. With an extensive qualitative and quantitative plan – that included inspired thinking sessions, consumer 360 focus groups, rapid-prototyping, and validation testing – Magid was able to provide Slumberland with a customer engagement model and specific enhancements to their process that have been deployed with great success.

By aligning their strategy with the wants and needs of their consumers, Slumberland was able to uphold their brand promise – to improve the lives of each customer.



» Macro trends assessment
» Magid proprietary studies insights overlay (Retail Pulse, Amazon Effect, Subscriptions Study, Private Label Study)
» Customer journey mapping
» Gap analysis
» Features and functionality
» Inspired thinking session + co-creation facilitation
» Internal communications guidelines
» Enhancement roadmap


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