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Amazon Reveals Strategic Goals in Prime Day Results

Amazon Reveals Strategic Goals in Prime Day Results

On Prime Day we provided you with Prime Facts to illustrate how important Prime has become to the average US consumer. To recap Prime Day, five quotes stood out to us from Amazon’s Press Release. We’ve included them below and added our thoughts as to why the key quotes are central to Amazon’s growth strategy.


“More new members joined Prime on July 11 than on any single day in Amazon history.”

Magid Perspective: The ability of Prime to build aggressively upon its base (42% of US consumers) demonstrates that Amazon is succeeding in its strategy to build an ecosystem that is undeniably attractive to all customers.


“…Prime Day 2017 event grew by more than 60 percent compared to the same 30 hours last year.”

Magid Perspective: By posting 60% YoY growth Amazon is defying the traditional laws of retail physics which dictate that growth slows after a retailer reaches 25% market share.  This demonstrate how different Amazon is from any other retail entity.


“…orders on the Amazon App more than doubled this Prime Day compared to last year.”

Magid Perspective: Amazon is solidifying its position as the leader in mobile ecommerce.


“Prime members’ most popular purchase was the Echo Dot…”

Magid Perspective: Amazon is betting long term on voice enabled commerce.  Amazon has dominated the 1st (desktop based) and 2nd (mobile) generations of e-commerce and wants to be the defacto standard in the 3rd generation of e-commerce which Amazon believes will be voice enabled commerce.


“The fastest Prime Now deliveries …” “…were each delivered in 12 minutes.”

Magid Perspective: 12 minutes!  Just think about that.  Amazon is highlighting this fulfillment to demonstrate how much different the Amazon experience is from Walmart, Costco, etc.  How can a customer argue with the benefits of Prime when put into the POV of 12 minutes?  If I am Mark Lore, I would hang a sign saying “12 Minute Delivery!” to                    drive home the point to his team that they need to massively innovate to close this gap.



Never saw our Prime Facts? Read them here to gain insight on how important Prime has become to the average US consumer. We included several questions for to you consider as you think through how Prime applies to your specific business situation.

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