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Prime Facts: What Amazon Won’t Tell You

Prime Facts: What Amazon Won’t Tell You

In honor of Amazon Prime Day we wanted to provide you with a few fun facts to illustrate how important Prime has become to the average US consumer. We’ve included several questions for to you consider as you think through how Prime applies to your specific business situation.


1. Millennials are the driving force behind Prime

If your target audience consists of millennials, how will these millennials shape the future of your business?


2. Households with families are far more likely to subscribe to Prime

If your business is focused on families, how can you take advantage of Prime’s ability to reach this lucrative audience?


 3. The sweet spot for Prime adoption exists in the lucrative $75K-$200K segment.

If you similarly court customers in the $75K-$200K segment, do you know the three key strategies retailers are employing to keep these customers engaged?


 4. Apparel is the most frequently purchased category via Prime

If you are focused on apparel, how can you best work with Amazon to grow your brand without destroying it?


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