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Magid’s Mike Bloxham joins ARF L.A. Council panel offering best practices in media studies

Magid’s Mike Bloxham joins ARF L.A. Council panel offering best practices in media studies

LOS ANGELES, January 13, 2021 – Magid’s Mike Bloxham, Senior Vice President, Global Media & Entertainment, will join the ARF’s L.A. Council as part of a panel formed to discuss and offer best practices in media studies, particularly how researchers deal with political polling problems.

L.A. Council: Best Practices in Media Studies – How Researchers Deal with Political Polling Problems

While the shortcomings of political polls have been discussed widely, rarely has an industry event focused on issues specific to media use and consumer research. The first 2021 event presented by the L.A. Media Research Council will address whether the current discussions about the failures of many polls to accurately predict election outcomes will affect trust in consumer research — specifically, surveys on media use and attitudes.


This panel of top experts in media and consumer research will explore what research suppliers are doing to ensure accurate measurements of attitudes and behavior intentions, including:

  • Strategies to achieve representative samples, ensure reliably predictive data and more
  • Examples from vendors’ studies that tackle critical research issues
  • The importance of a dialog between vendors and users of research

For more information including the latest information and ARF member registration, visit the ARF’s event page.


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