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Magid’s Brittany Paclik to speak at America East News Media & Technology Summit

Magid’s Brittany Paclik to speak at America East News Media & Technology Summit

Paclik to lead advertising workshop on how publishers can build rapport with clients 

NEW YORK, March 26, 2019 – Magid’s Brittany Paclik has been invited to present at the America East News Media & Technology Summit. This year’s summit will be held April 1-3 in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Building a Rapport with Your Clients
Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 10 a.m.

Many newspapers are moving toward consultative, client-centric selling as a way to build deeper relationships with advertisers. A workshop on how to be more deeply in touch with client needs, rather than just pushing product out the door.

Visit America East for information.

Brittany Paclik, Consultant, Media Strategy Group
Brittany Paclik is a consultant at Magid, collaborating with a variety of clients to develop strategic marketing programs that immediately impact revenue and contribute to long-term growth. Brittany is highly involved in Magid’s Advertising Performance (MAP) research, helping media sales teams increase incremental revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars per engagement while also helping their advertising partners interpret and implement local consumer research in order to strengthen their advertising efforts. She also leads sales strategy and advertiser sentiment initiatives, taking a deep dive into media sales teams’ processes, resources and client perceptions to unlock additional revenue. Brittany has managed dozens of revenue strategy projects for all types of media groups and spoken with hundreds of national, regional and local advertisers spanning all industries.

About Magid
Magid is a consumer-centered business strategy company delivering courageous thinking that shapes better experiences, products and services. Since 1957, thousands of local and global brands in over 40 countries have engaged the firm for bold ideas that have helped achieve innovation and success. The Magid team is passionately curious and driven by the pursuit of improving human experiences with every engagement.


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