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Magid Mentions: Local Media April 2019 Issue

Magid Mentions: Local Media April 2019 Issue

Below is our April 2019 Magid Mentions: Local Media issue. Join hundreds of other local media leaders and industry experts – click below and become a subscriber today!

MediaPost » Scenario project finds the future isn’t what it used to be, the car may be TV’s next big daypart
In a rare cross-industry exercise to plan for how some burgeoning new technologies –5G and ATSC 3.0 – might impact the advertising and media industry, a consortium led by Magid released a white paper summing up a variety of scenarios to help advertisers, agencies and media suppliers prepare for the future. » Continue
Download the white paper »
9-minute read
Digital media meltdown: What does the future of news look like now?
Magid’s Bill Day spoke to Editor & Publisher about the future of digital media, and how to build a sustainable digital content creation business. » Continue
5-minute read
News orgs grapple with OTT discoverability
Katie Larson, VP of brand strategy and innovation at Magid, shares insights with TVNewsCheck on how broadcasters can leverage their existing platforms to improve discoverability of OTT apps. » Continue
1-minute read
National syndication ratings summary: “Jeopardy” ratings race to six-week high
Professional gambler James Holzhauer smashed his own single-day winnings record and sent the show’s ratings to a six-week high and the very top of the entire syndication chart in the session ending April 21. » Continue

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