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Magid creates unified data science, strategy and product team led by Tony Cardinale

Magid creates unified data science, strategy and product team led by Tony Cardinale

Magid Senior Vice Presidents Zak Shaikh and Daniel Pancotto To Spearhead New Unit Under Cardinale

Three New AI-Driven Analytics Tools Introduced for 2024, Brand eDNA, DiversityLens and CultureGraphics Provide Revolutionary Approach for Marketers to Identify And Engage Consumers 

New York – December 11, 2023 – Magid will consolidate their product innovation, data science and accompanying consulting teams into a newly formed group within the company’s Global Media, Entertainment and Games practice. The Data Science, Strategy and Product team will be led by veteran analytics executive Tony Cardinale, who has been promoted to EVP and head of the unit. The announcement was made today by Kate Morgan, Chief Product Officer and EVP, Global Media, Entertainment and Games to whom Cardinale will report.

Joining Cardinale as part of the Data Science, Strategy and Product group will be Zak Shaikh, SVP of Consulting and Insights and Daniel Pancotto, SVP of Product and Marketing. The team’s combined expertise will drive efficiency and effectiveness in developing and bringing Magid’s proprietary products to market and enhance the company’s custom work to meet a broad range of client needs.

In addition, the company will also introduce three solution-driven AI tools to help brands optimize performance and engagement: Brand eDNA™, DiversityLens and CultureGraphics now under the watch of the new DSS&P team, joins Magid’s expanding tools portfolio anchored by EmotionalDNA, and their most recent addition, SubScape™, a predictive tool providing streaming companies with actionable insights about what drives or inhibits consumer engagement to differentiate offerings in the competitive streaming service ecosystem.

“We are excited to bring these new tools to market and consolidate our Data Science, Strategy and Product team within our Global Media, Entertainment and Games practice.” said Morgan. “Our clients want a competitive edge. Access to our essential insights and cutting-edge products enables our clients to make better decisions, opening up new opportunities for growth.”

New products are:


A tool that helps brands and media companies select the optimal match for co- marketing, sponsorship and advertising campaigns.  Brand eDNA collects data on over 60 emotional attributes and performance metrics on over 500 companies across brand categories including retail, auto, CPG, financial services, beverages, Pharma, sports teams and QSR. Brand eDNA connects seamlessly to the core EmotionalDNA ® data set to support precision emotional contextual matching for advertisers and media properties to optimize ad placement, brand integrations and sponsorships.


DiversityLens is a data-driven tool that measures a show or movie’s cultural authenticity, helping content teams develop, acquire and refine content to resonate with viewing audiences. It informs ad and sponsorship placement in content that best supports advertisers’ brand goals around DEI and authentic representation of diverse cultures.  While numerous existing DEI offerings measure diversity in casting and staffing in front of and behind the camera, DiversityLens measures impact: the audience perception of a show’s accuracy in representation of diverse cultures.  The product collects data on 26 DEI attributes from over 7000 consumers per month for an overall title-level cultural authenticity score. The score can be disaggregated to pinpoint exactly where a show is more or less effective in cultural representations.


CultureGraphics is a tool that groups and defines US consumers using a comprehensive set of characteristics to help sophisticated marketers enhance ROI with more precise messaging and targeting and create more resonant consumer conversations. The tool classifies 126 million American households into groups with shared cultural, psychographic and socioeconomic profiles.  This grouping explains and predicts differences in attitudes and behaviors from viewing and values to purchasing and politics, insight that companies can use to create more relevant content and more efficient marketing vs media campaigns. Based on variables including health and wellness, religiosity, educational performance, crime rates, income and other socio-economic indicators, Magid has identified five main groups that explain the entirety of the US population: Upscale Metros, Young Diverse Metros, Next American Wave, God & Country, Suburban Mass; these can be further cut into 20 target groups for even more precision.

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